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Your Gaming Chair Keep Going Down? What to Do?

A robust, functioning, stable gaming chair is a dream for every gamer. What if it keeps sinking every time you lean on your gaming chair? It is pretty uncomfortable and could be detrimental to your health. Actually, why does your gaming chair keep going down? Well, there are several reasons, such as trouble in chamber adjustment, heavyweight pressure, wearing out the stand, and many more. 

Here, we have highlighted the reasons behind your sinking chair with brilliant hacks to fix this. Let’s dive in. 

Why does your gaming chair keep going down?

A sinking chair is a troublemaker that makes you clumsy. There might be several possibilities that could lower your gaming chair. 

1. Malfunctioning adjustment chamber

Malfunctioning Adjustment Chamber

Every ergonomic gaming chair has a pneumatic chamber that balances the height of your sitting position. This hydraulic chamber combines a gas-filled cylinder that keeps your seat up. Excessive use of a chair can wear out this cylinder and lower your chair. Sometimes the new ones get a malfunctioning chamber for unfortunate reasons.

2. The pressure of heavy weight

There is a specific level of weight for every gaming chair. Exceeding this level could sink your chair. If you keep anything heavier than your chair could carry, this is hampering your gaming chair.

3. Worn out stand

With time the stand wears out. In humid conditions, the steel stands can oxidize. Every chair has its time if you are using a gaming chair for a long time. It will lose the glamor, and the typical syndrome is the stand weakening. So weak frames tend to break down quickly.

Ways to fix gaming chair from going down

A sinking gaming chair is not the end of its journey. We have featured the most effective methods with step-by-step guides to save your valuable gaming partner.

In terms of longevity, we have brought two types of solutions here. Let’s choose the one you need.

Method 1: gaming chair temporary fix 

These tricks are for those who want a quick fix immediately. The stated tricks are accessible and affordable for temporary use.

a) Attach a hose clamp

Attach a Hose Clamp

Hose caps are a multi-purpose tool used to attach things, But it serves a great value in maintaining the height of gaming chairs as well.

Step 1: Remove the cylinder cover

To attach a hose clamp, you must first uncover the plastic cover around the metallic cylinder.

Step 2: Fit the hose clamp

Fit the Hose Clamp

Now pick a suitable height for your sitting and attach the hose clamp. Secure the screw tightly. To add more volume, you can wrap duct tape before attaching the hose clamp.

b) Add a PVC pipe

Using a PVC pipe will give your low gaming chair the required elevation it needs. It’s one of the easiest quick hacks to fix your gaming chair. To do so, follow the steps listed below:

Step 1: Measure the diameter and height of the chairs cylinder

You first have to measure the length and diameter of your cylinder to find a suitable matching plastic skirt for your sunken gaming chair. Measure with a scale up to the border of the wheels of your chair.

Step 2: Attach a fitting plastic skirt to the cylinder

Now buy a fitting plastic spacer according to the measurement. In general, a diameter of 1.5 inches is fine. You can cut the plastic into pieces to make it easier to fit. After fitting the pipe, use a hacksaw at the one end to secure the skirt.

c) Use lubrication

Due to overuse or rust, the joints of metal chairs get stiff. Lubricant oil may help to secure your gaming chair at a particular height. Find the oil that suits your chair material. Follow the steps listed below to apply lubricant to your chair.

Step 1: Turn your gaming chair upside down

Before applying lubricant oil, put your chair upside down. Hence it will be easier to monitor the rust or damaged areas.

Step 2: Apply lubricant oil

Now spray the joints where the cylinder meets the cylinder base. Follow the product manual. After the application is made, please put it back.

Method 2: Gaming chair long-term fix

Long-term hacks are suggested for sustainable use. Here are some sustainable tricks that might give you a lasting effect on using your malfunctioning gaming chair.

a) Exchange the cylinder

This is a bit expensive but an effective method to fix your lowering chair. To do so, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Unlock the cylinder from the cylinder-base

Unlock the Cylinder from the Cylinder-Base

Put your chair upside down and unfold the cylinder from its base. Keep rotating the front end until you make the cylinder out of the bottom.

Step 2: Join the new cylinder

Join the New Cylinder

Now, unwrap the plastic cover and attach the new cylinder firmly. Keep pressing the top of the chair until the cylinder seats properly.

b) Go for professional help

This is the last step you should go for. It’s expensive but labor-free. Gaming chairs can have delicate issues which are not possible to solve single-handedly. Seek professional help to fix your chair for long-term use.

To avoid fixing hassles you can go for the best gaming chairs to prevent lousy back.

When It’s time to throw out your gaming chair?

Usually, gaming chairs can live up to three to five years, depending on the quality and the way you use them. If you are an avid gamer, your gaming chair might get hampered before this timeline. Several signs indicate that you need to buy a new one. These are:

1. The chair keeps sinking

When you sit on your chair, it no longer serves the purpose it used to. Lowering the chair is an uncomfortable situation that also leads to significant health issues.

2. Your back hurts

Overuse, the gaming chair loses its shine. Like the cushions get flat, the chair gets bouncy. Sometimes without any notable sign, you may not feel comfortable anymore. If things like this happen, it’s time to buy a new gaming chair

3. The height Isn’t enough to reach the table

Sometimes you outgrow your chair. This won’t fit you into your chair anymore. In such cases, it’s essential to change the chair.

4. Worn out chair

Most gaming chairs have metallic bodies. In humid temperatures, the metals become rusty. Rusty chair makes it unusable for other gaming purposes.

5. The cushions are stiff

If you have been using a chair for more than a year. The cushions get flat. Flat pillows are stiff and are not suitable for your posture.

Ways to keep your gaming chair in good health

For gamers, gaming chairs play a crucial role in their daily life. So, it would help if you treated your chair correctly. To maintain your gaming chair in a good state, follow the rules listed below:

1. Keep your chair clean

It’s essential to clean your chair daily. Your gaming chairs are exposed to dust and humid temperature. So, clean your chair daily.

2. Cover it with a plastic wrap

If you keep your chair exposed to dirt, it will quickly lose its shine. To save the glaze, cover your precious gaming chair with plastic wrap.

3. Maintain the weight-limit

Every chair has a specific weight limit that it can carry. So try to balance the weight level. Don’t put many things on your chair. If you are lighter than the chair, try to put an extra cushion to balance the chair.

4. Use lubricant once a month

Since the metal parts wear out with time, apply lubricant oil at least once a month to keep them functioning.


Question 1: How to stop my gaming chair from going down?

Answer: You can use a hose clamp or duct tape to secure the pneumatic cylinder position to stop your gaming chair from going down.

Question 2: How do you fix a chair that won’t stay up?

Answer: The best way to fix a chair that won’t stop is to replace the cylinder. This is the least you can do.

Question 3: Can you fix a gas lift chair?

Answer: You can replace the gas chamber by placing a new one. It will fix your gas lift chair.

Question 4: How long do gas springs last?

Answer: The duration depends on several factors. Typically gas springs last up to 40000 years.

Question 5: Can a gas spring be adjusted?

Answer: A gas spring cannot be adjusted because springs come in fixed speed and size.

Question 5: Is a lowering chair bad for your health?

Answer: Gaming chairs are known to be a sweetheart for your back. But a lowering chair can bring the opposite. A sunken chair can give you neck pain and backache, which majorly affect your blood circulation.

Final thought on chair keeps sinking fix

A gaming chair has to be pleasant enough to roll on your game. The average lifespan of a gaming chair is 3-5 years. But it can be damaged anytime. The most common trouble is lowering the chair. You have got all the answers and solutions to your question Why Does My Chair Keep Going Down?

We have tried to feature every factor that might sink your chair with appropriate fixing hacks. Hoping this article will help you to fix your gaming support. Keep winning the battle!

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