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The Best Gaming Chair for Bad Back 2022: 10 Top Models Reviewed

In the recent COVID quarantine, Daniel got addicted to playing PC games. Continuing to sit in the same position caused his intense back pain. 

You may think that too much sitting was the reason for this misery, but it wasn’t because he repeatedly took a 20-minute exercise every 1 hour of gaming. 

The real problem was in his gaming chair. He didn’t notice that his posture was heavily disfigured while sitting. 

A few days later, this disfiguration was painful, and he wanted to get the best gaming chair for bad back. 

Can you relate this issue to you? If so then you shouldn’t skip this blog.

Here, we have listed gaming chairs that can help anyone suffering from back pains and rely on floor support.  

Reviews of 10 gaming chairs for bad backs

Each of the gaming chairs for back pain is tested by us. Among these chairs, the RESPAWN RMS-900 felt good and worked well for retractable back pain. The BLUE whale PC gaming chair was another gaming chair that grasped our attention exceptionally well. 

1. Von Racer multipurpose gaming chair 

Von Racer is one of the best lumbar support gaming chair manufacturers in the gaming chair industry. They are known for their perfect style and design. 

Von Racer brand builds their floor gaming chair in a way that can flawlessly work as an office chair. China, the USA, Japan, the UK, and Germany are their prioritized areas for shipment. 

In a word, this chair is a perfect combo of style, comfort, and affordability. The cushions are pretty comfy and excellently aligned with the base design, which makes it ideal for gaming chairs for back pain. 

One of the impressive things about Von Racer is its sturdiness. You can put as much pressure as you want, but it will not bend in a direction.

The broad base makes it more compact and powerful against impact. You can use these chairs as console gaming chairs too. 

Moreover, a lockable reclining system holds the back’s position at an angle between 90* to 135*.


  • USB electrical massager cushion. 
  • Footrests are retractable. 
  • 360* rotatable base. 
  • Built-in multiway armrests. 
  • Flat-wide that covers a large area. 
  • Premium PU leather. 
  • Easy to clean and maintain. 
  • Alterable sit height. 
  • Available in 6-colour variants. 
  • Fade-resistant leather material. 


  • Stuffed neck pillow. 
  • Weak lower cylinder device. 

2. Hbada ergonomic gaming chair 

Established in 2008, Habada combines classic design with a modern touch of a gaming chair brand. Their specialty is complex design yet easy-to-use mechanics and features. 

Not just gaming chairs, Hbada also manufactures office chairs, tables, gaming desks, and desk chairs. The reliability and product quality that Habada provides is unmatched by any brand in the chair market. 

If you are looking for an affordable gaming chair with the best qualities, Habada’s ergonomic gamer floor chair should be your primary priority. 

The chair design fits with every spine curve. Even sitting for hours in the chair will not affect the user because the position supports the most relaxed state of the body. Moreover, the cushion and armrest pads are perfectly soft, which makes it one of the best chairs for console gaming. 

Another notable thing is the spongy, comfortable, resilient, and elastic foam inside the cushion pads. These elements are high-quality materials and are skin-friendly. 


  • PU outer leather. 
  • Withstands more than 300 pounds. 
  • Movable 360* sit. 
  • 135* reclinable backrest. 
  • 6 built-in casters. 
  • BIFMA-certified product. 
  • Class 3 heavy-duty cylinder. 
  • Strong tilt mechanism. 
  • A quick guide ensures the fastest installation. 
  • Thick seat cushions.  


  • Not so sturdy. 

3. Homall multipurpose gaming chair

Homall is known as a wizard among gaming furniture brands for manufacturing some of the best gaming chair for posture. 

They have a wide range of furniture options for all customers, such as gaming chairs, tables, patio furniture, desk, and lounge chairs. 

Another excellent product of Homall industries is the standing desk. Men fused to chairs or office workers can use these chairs to keep their bodies healthy and straighten their posture. 

The Homall Multipurpose Gaming Chair has the perfect details that make this gaming chair unique. Take the PU casters as an example. Other gaming chairs are made of elastomers and steel but have a thin outer layer of rubber. The Homall gaming chair has a thick layer of rubber making it more stable and versatile. 

That’s not all manufacturers intentionally made the chair design simple to make it more sturdy. The high-density shaping foam makes the base sit comfy. Moreover, hours spent sitting will not collapse the foam because of sturdiness. 

It also turns in 360* without bending or breaking easily. Want to get some sleep after a long hour of gaming? Lock the backrest at your desired angle. This strong gaming chair supports more than 300lbs, which is enough to withstand the weight of a baby elephant. 

The classic race car seat design and adjustable features make it the most comfortable console gaming chair. 


  • High-density foam. 
  • 1.8mm thick steel frame. 
  • Strong, sturdy, and stable. 
  • Wear-resistant leather. 
  • Strong casters. 
  • Available in 9 different colors. 
  • Glass lift type 3. 
  • Multi-directional wheels. 
  • Built-in adjustable recline knob. 
  • Height adjustable. 


  • Instructions are not correctly set. 
  • Some customers find the hinges pretty weak. 

4. AutoFull gaming/office chair

AutoFull is known for making beautiful design gaming chairs with high-quality material and perfect curves of different body parts. AutoFull was founded in 2014 in the UK. 

They have sponsored multiple gaming competitions throughout the years, like LPL (2016) sponsorship, PUBG Australia Invention (2018), DOTA2 MDL (2018), CS:GO Asia Minor, and more. 

AutoFull gaming chairs are created with cutting-edge technology and specially designed for comparative gaming so players can get the highest comfortable sitting experience. 

For years AutoFull has made millions of gamers, streamers, and office employees happy with their incomparable support and quality products. 

The AutoFull gaming chair has many incredible features and can aid different types of work environments. The first thing that will make you love this chair is the soft and comfortable cushion. 

This perfect comfort comes from the 11cm Anti-collapsable sponge seat cushion. These cushions are 50% denser and higher than regular gaming online. Its durable and sturdy material will prevent it from pressing down after years of seating. 

The AutoFull gaming chair is carbon fiber-based and can easily lift and withstand up to 360lbs. Manufacturers tested this chair in extreme test conditions like humidity, pressure, and bend. In each test, the AutoFill gaming chair passed with impressive and surpassed average results. 


  • 3D model pillow. 
  • Eco-friendly chair leather 
  • Sturdy base. 
  • Certified by SGS 4-level cylinder. 
  • 3-different color variations. 
  • 170° reclinable backrest. 
  • 7cm liftable 2D armrest. 
  • Strong nylon base. 
  • Satisfying sales-service. 
  • Anti-collapsible sponge. 


  • Simple design. 

5. YSSOA adjustable swivel recliner chair 

YSSOA is an indoor-outdoor appliance manufacturer brand that added gaming chairs as their new edition. Their leading manufacturing goodies are shelves, platform curt, single caster wheels, barbecue grill, fabric cart, and barbecue grill. 

Even though their gaming chairs are new and still in development, they got pretty good recognition among users. Maybe their gaming chairs presented remarkable quality and great continuous customer support. 

YSSOA’s gaming chairs also got 72% positive reviews and ratings on Amazon, which is excellent compared to other gaming chairs. 

YOSSA’s swivel recliner chair has a unique looking style to other race car-themed gaming chairs. 

The design felt quite vivid for the red line strip patterns in black color. However, it has five different color variants: grey/black, red/black, black, pink/black, and white/black. I loved the white/black one because it stands out more than any other color set. 

The best part about YSSOA’s gaming chair is the built-in adjustable footrest underneath the seat. This footrest can extend up to a long form and help the user to sit in any comfortable position. Moreover, this extendable footrest has a slide mechanism that makes it pretty sturdy. 

Another intriguing thing I saw in this chair was the height and weight, which was pretty decent from other chairs. But, with all the features included (plus the neck positioning), this chair is fantastic and one of the best gaming chairs for neck pain. 


  • Ergonomic backrest. 
  • Comfortable design.
  • Strong metal base. 
  • Easy assembly. 
  • 360° rotatable. 
  • Built-in retractable footrest. 
  • Heavy-duty cylinder. 
  • Assemble the manual with the package. 
  • 360lbs weight limit. 
  • Adjusts to natural body curves. 


  • Cheap vinyl leather. 

6. Blue Whale PC gaming chair 

Blue Whale is like the titan of the gaming chair manufacturer industry. Not just gaming chairs, Blue Whale makes some of the most exquisite office chairs, steel cabinets, drawers, shelves, compactors, metal beds, metal carts, and office tables. Blue Whale products are wildly popular among casual users. 

One thing many users love about Blue Whale is that they offer the best customer service possible. For every gaming and office chair, Blue Whale guarantees a 12-month part replacement and lifetime service support for any of its products. 

Blue Whale tries their best to satisfy its customer’s needs by providing genuine quality products that last long enough to create trust from any customers. 

Blue Whale PC gaming chair offers everything you want from a gaming chair. It has style, color, best features, a sturdy framework, and a long-lasting guarantee from the company. I am currently using this chair, and you will not believe how good I feel while sitting and playing games. 

The chair has five different types of synthetic PU leather – neck rest, lumbar cushion resting pillow, upper half relaxing support, seat cushion, and retractable cushion underneath the base. 

I liked the electrical hip resting cushion because it gives you a vibration massage-like feel when turned on. It’s kinda addictive, and your back pain will vanish in minutes. The electronic machine inside the pillow is quite perfect, and there is no risk of malfunction because the entire thing is coated with protective layers of non-electrical elements. 

Another fascinating thing about this chair is how it matches any gaming setup. I have a bluish-themed PC light with a bluish Samsung 27″ T35F led monitor, and the chair suits my computer.  


  • Large dimension {24″ x 26″x 49.4″- 51.8″ (W x D x H); seating area}. 
  • Skin-friendly PU leather. 
  • Electric lumbar cushion. 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee. 
  • 3 different colour variations. 
  • Silent caster wheel (nylon base).  
  • 90°-155° recline. 
  • 360° rotatable armrest. 
  • Built-in angle adjuster. 
  • Explosion-proof spring. 


  • It’s a bit overpriced. 

7. SITMOD gaming chair 

SITMOD is a new gaming chair brand that started manufacturing gaming chairs in 2020. They have a decent range of chairs and are developing more. 

Even though this brand is new, its products are pretty good and have a lower price than other gaming chair brands. Furthermore, many features like lumbar support, retractable footrest, and other cushions are solid and better manufactured than other new brands. 

SITMOD’s gaming chairs are not much recognized by users but can surpass them in the future. Their customer service is pretty good too. You will get a 30-day return policy and 5 years of customer service. 

SITMOD’s ergonomic massage chair has some decent quality features and stands out. The hip massage pillow is well made and has a USB cable mechanic. You can plug it into different USB outlets like CPU, power bank, or USB multiplugs without concern about any malfunction after months of use. 

The pillow and rest materials are manufactured with faux leather coating, are soft, and can withstand 350lbs easily. These cushions will last longer for years without any wash. However, be careful about pointy and sharp things, which can ruin the fabric easily. 

SITMODE’s gaming chair goes through many challenging tests multiple times, such as tensile strength, seat-sponge test (300kg), gas cylinder pressure, and caster rolling. The caster wheels are so strong that they can easily withstand the weight of a container truck (12,000lbs front and 35,000lbs in the middle and back part of the truck) without bending or breaking.  

With a 190° rotatable backrest and retractable footrest, you can turn this gaming chair into a foldable bed. Take a nap once in a while! 


  • Multifunctional gaming chair. 
  • 360° rotatable swivel seat. 
  • Class-4 SGS certified gas lift. 
  • Fast shipping. 
  • Stain-resistant leather. 
  • Easily installable.
  • Sturdy caster-wheels. 
  • Manufacturing materials industry-grade. 
  • Silent and smooth wheels. 
  • 11 types of color variants.  


  • Lees sturdy armrests. 

8. Deco gear diamond quilted gaming chair

Deco Gear is an electrical device and accessories brand like PC screens, headphones, computer cases, customizable keyboards, water pressure washers, mouses, mics, and backpacks. They are known for providing entire gaming setups and support for every product. 

If you buy from Deco Gear, you don’t have to worry about purchasing every gear separately and spending too much money. Instead, get all the necessary gear Deco for a more affordable price. 

One fun thing about Deco gear is that their products will not fail you to surprise with design, elegance, and value. 

The Deco Diamond quilted gaming chair has some pretty quality features to present. 

You can take the lumbar pillow as an example. Ordinary lumbar pillows provided by almost every gaming chair (unless you buy separately) have the same small size and cover only a minimal proportion of your back. However, the Deco diamond chair is vertically 10 inches (the size of a medium purse). This pillow will cover a large proportion of your back and hips and make you feel more comfortable. 

The design of this chair also felt unique and had the same concept as a black and white striped race car. Just you have to be careful about stains on your white leather.

All pillows are covered with PU leather, which is stain-proof and doesn’t get pressed beyond recovery. The only problem with PU leather is that it gets easily torn apart, pet bites, or scratched by pointy objects. However, with proper care, PU synthetic leathers can last longer than other synthetic leathers. 


  • Ergonomic design. 
  • The clever backrest design maintains a healthier posture.
  • 250+ pounds withstandable. 
  • Sturdy hydraulic lifts. 
  • 360° adjustable armrests. 
  • Heavy-duty chair (weights 40.7 pounds). 
  • The neck and lumbar pillow are removable. 
  • 1.5mm wide metal frame. 
  • Exclusive design. 
  • Cheap (affordable on any budget) 


  • Few manufacturing issues were detected by 1% of global users. 

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9. RESPAWN RSP-900 Gaming chair (best yet) 

Undoubtedly, RESPAWN is one of the best gaming chair brands in the world. Founded in 2017, RESPAWN has earned some remarkable achievements like nominations for Esports awards 2020. They also make different types of unique PC tables that can adjust to any needs. 

What makes this brand better than any other brand in the market is the developer experience. Manufacturers of RESPAWN use 75 years of expertise in ergonomic chairs and gaming culture. Their experience reflects in their products. 

All of RESPAWN’s products are carefully crafted by observing feedback from general customers and critics. They even tested the comfort and performance of their chair with real people (definitely after multiple testing phases)!

RESPAWN has a dedicated customer base and holds many events on social media sites. Truly an incredible brand with trustworthy engineers and customer service. 

RESPAWN RSP-900 gaming chair is the new edition and has some best quality features. This gaming chair has pretty much everything unique compared to other gaming chairs. 

Firstly, you will notice a big round curve in the main base seat. That curve is the footrests attached creatively to support even in the retracted shape. There are 2 sets of incline and decline mechanisms underneath the chair’s base seat, 

  1. The first one reclines the back at 135°. 
  2. The second one will recline the footrest in front of the legs. 

If you use both mechanisms at the exact same time, you can create an adjustable bed. The chair base can withstand 275lbs weight easily and balance both sides in the bed position. 

One of the unique features of this gaming chair is the little details added by the manufacturers. There is a small cup holder in the chair to hold glasses, bottles, or small things. Moreover, on the right side, you will find a hanging vinyl bag that works as accessory storage. This chair feels quite addictive and impossible to get up after taking a seat. 

Everything else is made with top-tier material and perfectly designed to adjust to any gaming environment. 


  • Padded armrests. 
  • Classic height base
  • 360° swivel chair. 
  • Connected leather. 
  • Left-arm cup holder. 
  • Segment headrest pillow. 
  • 5-year replacement warranty. 
  • Accessory storage bag. 
  • Perfect balance. 
  • Unique design. 


  • No functionality for custom wheels. 

10. S*MAX gaming thick fabric gaming chair

S*MAX is primarily a gaming chair and PC table manufacturing company. They make z-shaped gaming PC tables in 2 colors and designs. 

Moreover, they have a wide range of products like adjustable bed frames, gaming, office, and sofa chairs with different styles and structures. S*MAX’s sofa-styled power lift recliner chairs are some of the best recliner chairs online. 

Firstly, the cushion in this gaming chair is quite thick (14cm vertically, 3cm horizontally) and made with anti-collapsible mold foam. This comfy wider seat will provide premium back support. 

Moreover, manufacturers also made the recliners perfectly so they don’t malfunction after years of use. You can recline the back up to 90°-180° without breaking or bending it. You can put oil in your recliners to make them smooth and remain new for years. 

The coating is definitely high-quality PU leather to make the seats breathable, giving you a surprise touch sensation while sitting. The cushions help to 

(Interesting fact – 90% of gaming chair manufacturing companies use PU leather to cover gaming chair cushions because it’s cheap, easy to manufacture, water-proof, long-lasting, and easy to maintain


  • Stylish look. 
  • 24/7 customer service. 
  • Adjustable headrest. 
  • 3D adjustable armrests. 
  • Thick molded foam cushion. 
  • Five different color variants. 
  • Thick side wings. 
  • Installation instructions included. 
  • BIFMA certified gas lift. 
  • Heavy-duty 5-way caster wheel. 


  • Loose hinges and screws. 

Which will be the best gaming chair for bad back? 

Every gaming chair in this article will help you with any back problem. For me, RESPAWN RSP-900 helped me recover from intense back pain. Every other gaming chair is also pretty good and looks comfortable. 

While selecting a gaming chair online, I always prioritize lumbar support and build quality. Because if you get these right, you can maintain your chair for a long time. And, with proper care, pretty much every $150 to $200 up chair will last more than a year. 

Another point to consider is the rating and reviews. Sometimes companies unintentionally make mistakes, but top brands always refund and provide the best customer service possible. However, there is a problem with some customer cycles, 

Receives package> experiences problem> does a bad review> reports the problem> gets support> forgets about changing the review 🙁

According to Capteverix, Amazon won the best customer support award in 2019 over the ACSI (American Customer Satisfaction Index) survey of over 80,000 genuine customers. – (quote)

I believe you are the chosen one and will select the best gaming chair for bad back. Got any suggestions? Something I missed? Feel free to ask any queries or suggestions in the comments. 

Have a good day! 

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