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Kahuna LM6800 vs LM6800s Comparison: Grab the Top Massage Chair

Buying a suitable massage chair is tricky. Among numerous renowned brands, there is a battle going over Kahuna LM6800 vs LM6800s. People are curious to know which one fits the best, and we are here to help you with this. 

Since the Kahuna LM6800 was the first manual recruit of this brand, the LM6800s is the upgraded one.

In this article, we have gathered a thorough analysis based on these two models’ practical use and best services. Without any further delay, let’s read to grab the right one.

What is a kahuna massage chair?

Kahuna LM6800 vs LM6800s
Enjoying the Chair?

Kahuna massage chair is the world’s best 3D massage chair manufacturer. This brand has set its name apart from other less-quality brands in terms of its premium service. Since 1997 this American brand has upgraded its features to give you top-notch medical help.

Their 2D/3D/4D massage chair with gravity-less decline makes it perfect to last longer compared to other massage chairs. To give you the best massage service, they have authenticity approval from the FDA.

Why do you need a massage chair?

These modern days, hectic schedules have forced us to work that way, and it becomes hard to take care of our bodies. A massage chair is one of the coolest inventions to take care of your health. One should buy a massage chair to secure the following benefits.

1. Sitting position improvement

Photo Credit: sitandsigh.com

Most people deteriorate their spin and get chronic back pain just because of their posture. A massage chair will help you sit in a suitable position that will care for your spine.

Soft massage will bring more oxygen to your back area. As a result, you will get a painless working experience.

2. Keeps skin healthy

Massage chairs heat the body in a circular motion. This step releases toxic materials through sweat. However, it soothes the skin. You can get healthy skin sitting on a massage chair.

3. Alleviates stress levels

There are clinical reports available saying therapeutic massage helps in reducing anxiety and stress levels. A stimulating massage boosts the metabolism to release Serotonin and Dopamine hormones.

 These hormones are known as happy hormones. A regular massage will help you with stress management and handling mood swings.

4. Reduces lower back pain

With age, people experience back pain. Record says 75% of older people experience back pain. Orthopedic doctors suggest regular massages in the affected points as a healing method.

Sitting on a massage chair will improve blood circulation in the pain-striking points and enhance your mobility. People look for chairs after hip replacement surgery and this can be the best fit for relaxing them.

5. Enhances natural immunity

The best part of a massage chair is its increased metabolism. Boosting blood circulation and improved posture will help you stay fit since it helps improve mental health.

Well-balanced health restores the immunity level. A massage chair will enhance your immunity to stay fit.

6. Redeem energy level

In modern offices, people have to sit for longer periods. Sitting in a stable position is not healthy. A massage chair will improve your muscle mobility while sitting. However, this will help you to get a relaxed place to redeem your energy. It works effectively to increase creativity as well.

7. Suitable for stiff neck problems

Massage chairs have special features for the neck and shoulders. Stimulating vibration in these areas will relax your stiff neck. However, you will feel better. Grab a massage chair to release your stiff neck.

Kahuna LM6800- All-in-one Elegant Massage Chair

This is one of the most tempting massage chairs that includes incredible features. With a hybrid tracking system, it ensures comfort for your whole body.


1. Zero gravity inclination

Kahuna LM6800 is the first massage chair that brought an innovative Zero gravity massage position. With three levels of zero-gravity sitting position, you can enjoy a thorough massage all over your body. The increasing level of inclination will allow you to choose the most comfortable massage mode.

2. Hybrid tracking system

The L and S hybrid tracking system offers diversity. The L tracking system supports 4 wheels that will allow you to stretch your whole body. 

This is considered the longest massage tracking system, and it proved to be healthy for the spine. The S track supports quad rollers which decompresses the pressure to secure the natural curvature of the spine.

3. Automated body scan

This chair includes an automated body scan that will scan your body measurement. According to your body specification, the computer system will install the massage chair at a suitable size.

4. Multiple massage techniques

To make the massage more effective and convenient, this massage chair has incorporated multiple massage options. Including Shiatsu, kneading, body stretching, yoga, and whatnot. One can easily choose the preferable massage mode he/she likes. The diversity of this massage will improve the stress points condition in your whole body.

5. Easy to control

The simple remote makes this chair easy to control. You will get every control point clearly laid there. This makes this chair easily accessible.

6. Incredible air massage option

This massage chair includes 36 first-generation airbags to give you customized air massage on various stress points. Air massage brings incredible health benefits to chronic back pain patients especially for the elderly.


  • Easy to handle
  • Rich features
  • Multiple massage modes 
  • Space saver for limited zone
  • Diversified ground-zero levels


  • Lacks heat control mode
  • No sound system

For whom

Kahuna LM6800 Massage Chair is a functionally rich and easy-to-control tool within an extremely affordable range. The multiple massage modes make the journey therapeutic for Chronic back pain patients. This chair is a perfect choice for a limited to medium-range budget holder.

Kahuna LM6800s- Space Saving Massage Chair

Kahuna LM6800S is an updated massage chair with advanced options. Newer updates ensure utmost care for full body massage.


1. Space-saving recline

The recline level will allow you to set this chair within 5-6 feet of your wall. Considering other massage chairs, this one is a convenient tool to save space in a compact space.

2. Calf heat massage

This chair has brought out a heat adjustment to relax your calves. You can set the temperature level to get a calf massage.

3. Massage time adjustment

LM6800s have a new addition for time adjustment. You can set up to 15 minutes of your massage. If you are looking for a shorter massage time, this feature is a blessing.

Within this 15-minute massage session, you can add an extra 5 minutes if you want. It has a limit of 30 minutes to prevent the user from overdoing it.

4. Full body massage

12 types of auto massage options are available to offer you full-body comfort from head to toe. Each part is dedicated to providing you with a special massage for your whole body.

38 airbags set on different points of this chair will ensure the utmost comfort to relax your whole body.

5. Premium sound system

Who doesn’t want to enjoy an entertaining massage moment? The built-in Bluetooth sound speakers will give you the utmost relaxation to enjoy your massaging.

6. Multiple massage mode

There are 12 different massage options divided into 3 different levels in this chair. With this diversification, you can easily pick the most suitable you need. 

From neck to back, you have a message for every stress point. Moreover, you can choose a deep tissue massage for ultra comfort.

7. Removable cover

This new update includes a zipper-lock cover. It helps extremely during a wash. You can easily unlock the zip and clean your massage chair.


  • Full body massage
  • Premium sound system for entertainment 
  • Custom size fitting chair
  • Great for foot massage
  • Deep tissue massage for extra comfort.
  • Relaxes the stress points through heat massage.


  • Body scanning doesn’t work for people shorter than 5’2″.

For whom

Kahuna LM6800s Massage Chair is an upgraded and advanced featureful option. Different acupuncture massage modes make this journey therapeutic for aged patients. This massage chair is a great choice for people looking for new updates in a manual chair as well. 

Kahuna LM6800 vs LM6800s: Which One is Better

Both of these models have their own differences. It’s tough to pick one. But we suggest both of them on the basis of the following terms.

  • Kahuna LM6800 is a manual version with rich features and a comfortable airbag massage mode. These massage chairs proved to be helpful for people with back pain. It’s a money saver option as well.
  • LM6800s is an updated model with enriched functionality. Advanced time management and a premium sound system ensure your massage experience is relaxed. This chair fits well for people looking for exciting updates in a higher price range.

A Perfect Buying Guide to Getting the Most Suitable Massage Chair

Choosing the right massage chair will make your life comfortable and cozy. Before making the final decision, don’t forget to consider the following points.

a) Price

The budget matters most before making the final decision. First, decide how much you can spend. There are numerous options available for 1000$. If money is not your concern, then go for higher service.

b) Inclination level

Sitting on a massage chair should be comfortable and cozy. The inclination level will allow you to enjoy your favorite sitting position. Now chairs have a “zero gravity” feature that will bend your massage chair into any level of inclination you want.

c) Size

Pick the perfect size according to your height. Many people might say, 5″ 2′ height is the best selection for average people. But we suggest you do a test sitting before making the big move. 

Check if the chair gives you the comfort you need or not. Moreover, whether the chair has enough space for your neck and leg is also a matter of concern.

d) Space

In modern houses, space is limited. That’s why measuring the area you can afford to place a massage chair. Since there are incredible space-saving chairs to help you, these innovative chairs can bend into any form. You can pull them over anytime.

e) Installation method

Photo Credit: Massage Chair Planet

People look for comfort in their massage chairs. Choose the one which you can install without any effort. Test the installation method before buying.

Nowadays, there are automated installation modes like remote-controlled, AI voice-operated. Simply give the command, and the automated mode will install your chair.

f) Massage techniques 

Decide which massage you will prefer the most sitting on your cozy chair. There are several options such as heating, vibration, etc. Choose the one you need in your massage chair.

g) Massage intensity

Now chairs have personalized options to make your massage more relaxing.2D massage will give you a basic massage mode along with X and Y-axis. 

While 3D massage will allow you to personalize the chair along with the x,y, and z-axis to get cozier, 4D massage gives the ultimate massaging options, including variable roller options.


Will massage therapy help a frozen shoulder?

Answer: Massage therapy seems to be beneficial for a frozen shoulder. It reduces the stiffness of your frozen muscle and boosts blood circulation. The massage pressure will stimulate the frozen nerves to functionally activate your affected area. The improved blood circulation will restore the mobility of the frozen shoulder.

How to reset and repair a massage chair?

Answer: Repairing a massage chair is a whole different thing in terms of the problem you’re having. It’s better to call in a technician or change the whole tool instead for greater service. To reboot a massage chair, do the following:
– Shut down the chair
– Unplug it for 2-3 minutes
– Plug in the chair
– Cross-check the problem if it’s still there.

Can a massage chair make you dizzy?

Answer: A massage chair can make you feel dizzy. Feeling dizzy after a massage is a common matter. There is nothing serious about it. Dizziness can be caused due to following reasons:
– Lower blood pressure
– Hypertension
– Dehydration
– Emotional stress
Regardless of these reasons, dizziness can be driven by extreme pressure or heat as well.

How Long Does a massage chair last?

Answer: It totally depends on usage, quality, and warranty. If anyone takes proper care of the massage chair, on average, it can last up to 15 to 20 years. This time can vary. Lower-end chairs are normally sustained for a limited period.

Does a massage chair lead to health benefits?

Answer: Of course, it does. A regular massage can release the stiffness of your muscles. with improved blood circulation, sitting on a massage chair will boost your immunity as well.

Kahuna massage LM 6800 chair review: should you buy it?

Answer: Kahuna Massage LM 6800 is an incredible blend of intelligent technology and manual arts. If you need the following features, then go for it.
– Computerized body adjustment 
– 3 level of inclination
– Easy to operate 
– Multiple massage options.
If you are looking for a budget-friendly and feature-rich option, Kahuna LM6800 is the one.

What is the best massage chair for the money in 2021?

Answer: We choose the Osaki OS Champ among numerous massage chairs, which is excellent for the money in 2021. Osaki is a perfect choice because it
– It includes a heating massage option, which is considered the most effective
– Auto adjustment accordion g body specifications
– Premium built-in quality featuring padded armrest, faux leather cover.

Is A massage chair better than A masseur/masseuse?

Answer: Both of them are different in operation. A massage chair is programmed to give you unlimited options. But their best technique is the vibration that triggers your stress point.

But human touch works efficiently to release stress and trigger your nerves. A massage therapist will offer you different types of massage. But the limitation is a therapist won’t give you unlimited massage sessions like a chair.

Kahuna LM6800 vs. Kahuna spirit: what’s the difference?

Answer: Kahuna LM6800 and Kahuna Spirit seasons have some fundamental differences in features. Likewise.

Kahuna LM6800 is wrapped with manual features, including inclination level and different levels of massage therapy. The auto-body adjustment makes the sitting position comfortable.

Kahuna Spirit is an advanced massage chair with a smart temperature indicator and mp3 player support. In addition, the massage type offers foot and calf options as well.

How do you disassemble a massage chair?

Answer: Disassembling a massage chair is tricky. To wrap up your massage chair, do the following:
– Remove the armrest and speakers.
– Unscrew the airbags 
– Unzip the seat cushion
– Finally, wrap up the residing parts to roll up your chair.

Kahuna LM 6800 VS Kahuna LM 6800s – which Is better?

Answer: Kahuna LM 6800 VS Kahuna LM 6800s have their different advantages.

For a budget-friendly option, LM 6800 is more convenient with manual and tech-featured attachments. This chair is equipped with auto adjustment and multiple massage options.

For high-tech users, the Kahuna LM6800S is the right one. An auto temperature control and time adjustment will also relax the user with deep tissue massage.

Final Thoughts

Today Kahuna offers the best massage chairs that one can dream of. Among their striking range, it’s tough to make one selection between Kahuna LM6800 vs LM6800s. 

Both of them have advantages on their own. Here we have brought up the practical view of these massage chairs. We believe this article will guide you to pick the best one for you. Good luck!

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