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The Best Sofa for Elderly to Make Lives Easy: Top 5 models Reviewed

Typing this review made me feel nostalgic. As a family person, It is a privilege to care for the elderly particularly my grandparents and my mother-in-law.

I have seen a lot of sofas for the elderly but the ones listed below are the best sofa for elderly that are in the form of a chair.

Some were personally used by my grandparents and the residents of care homes where I once worked and often visited as a volunteer.

These recliners are also a type of “sofa” for those who have trouble sitting on a regular chair.

Our suggested 5 best sofas for elderly reviews

Dorel Living Slim Recliner

Here is a chair that has a plush design. 

Dorel Living Slim Recliner, Beige

Dorel Living Slim Recliner, Beige

Iron frame
Partial and Full recline option
Narrow seating

Plush-designed chairs make good armchairs for the elderly as they make sitting comfortably. The cushions are thickly padded.

This is vital if you are looking for back support.

This chair was recommended by a nurse at a nursing home. The nurse told me many of the elderly preferred to sit on this chair as they could rest the back of their head on the chair.

Such chairs with this quality have good back support. You will not even need pillows to support your back.

You can recline on this chair fully or partially. It also has a footrest in case you are looking to have a short nap. 

The seating area of the chair is also narrow which is crucial for elders looking to sit safely. The width of the seat is about 19’’.

Many elders lose balance when they sit on a sofa or a bed. This can lead to serious injury. For this reason, a sofa-based chair with narrow seating is highly recommended to keep the user in place.

Lastly, I also think this chair looks quite aesthetic. So if you are looking to get a chair that is charming and safe for the elderly then this is a choice you can consider for those looking to have a conversation from the drawing-room.


  • Iron frame
  • Micro-fabric
  • Footrest 
  • Partial and Full recline option
  • Narrow seating
  • Microfiber


  • No color varieties are available.

2. Knight Home 304806 Armstrong Recliner

Here is another armchair for the elderly. I have seen this very chair in a number of homes and care homes.

Not only is the chair so subtle to look at, but it is also very comfortable to sit on.

There are 3 colors available-dark beige. The beige color is one of the few colors that can sit and blend in any room.

Knight Home 304806 Armstrong Recliner

Knight Home 304806 Armstrong Recliner

Stylish Design
2- recline position
3 colors available
100% polyester
Fluffy cushions

This armchair has 2 recline positions- one mid-recline and the other full recline. 

Recliner-based armchairs are suitable if you want to sleep on the chair itself. 

Many elders injure themselves simply by getting up from a chair and moving to the bed.

All this can be avoided by using the reclining feature of chairs such as this one.

The weight capacity of the chair is 300lbs so be sure to check your weight before you invest in a chair suitable for your condition.

Apart from how it is to assemble this chair, this sofa-like chair has cushions that are fluffy enough to support your back.  

The material of the chair is polyester, this is a favorite feature for most elders as this allows them to sit comfortably especially during winter seasons.


  • Stylish Design
  • Comfortable
  • 2- recline position
  • 3 colors available
  • 100% polyester
  • Fluffy cushions


  • Weight should not exceed 300lbs.

3. Mega Motion Lift Chair

Here is a chair that can be placed in the drawing room without looking like a hospital chair. This is a motor-based lift chair which means it will help you to stand up from your chair.

If you have had surgery that makes it difficult to stand up from a chair then this is the solution to your problem. You can also consider this chair if you have muscle pain or other health issues that prevent you from standing up then this chair is also applicable for this circumstance.

Mega Motion Lift Chair Easy Comfort Recliner

Mega Motion Lift Chair Easy Comfort Recliner

Strong chair
Includes footrest
Available in 3 Colours
325 lb Weight Capacity
Great customer service.
Soft cushions

Patients are not meant to be confined to their beds. They too would like to sit on a chair and have conversations. My grandmother had joint pain and had a tough time getting up from the sofa.  

So we got this lift chair to solve this problem. It also matches our blue colored sofa. 

My grandmother had problems with her knees and she said she felt less pain when using the chair to get up. A few months later, she began sleeping on the chair due to back problems.

The chair is one of few lift chairs that includes a footrest. Although the footrest does not raise too much, it is perfect for those who want to raise their legs with ease.

This is a much-preferred chair in contrast to a wheelchair which is very limited in both aesthetics and comfort.

Taller users can use this chair too. Height is not an issue if you have trouble standing up from your chair.  Lift chairs are meant to help you stand even if you are tall.


  • Strong chair
  • Includes footrest
  • Available in 3 Colours
  • 325 lb Weight Capacity
  • Great customer service.
  • Soft cushions


  • You have to set up the chair on your own.

4. Westeros Traditional Wingback Recliner Chair

This traditional-looking chair is perfect to hold an elderly person.

We use this chair in the drawing rooms as we frequently have guests who have trouble sitting with comfort.

Westeros Traditional Wingback Recliner Chair

Westeros Traditional Wingback Recliner Chair

Stylish chair
Needs less space
Usable in any room
Extra padding
Very Comfortable
Arm Support

Most chairs meant for the elderly do not look appealing-but this one does. I like how this chair can be kept in any room of the house. 

A massage chair on the other hand cannot be placed in any room due to weight and convenience. Moreover, it does send a message to your guests that you or someone in the family are somehow unwell.

Because this chair has thick padding for the cushion, an elderly person will find it easy to sit because the chair will give strong back support.

Your arms will be at rest, thanks to the extra padded cushion.

Although the chair looks like a cozy chair for reading a good book, the chair can recline backward if you want to stretch your back and legs. Despite the humble look of the chair- the support leg of the chair can hold your legs very well.

I realized this when an elderly guest said he wanted to stretch out his swollen legs that had become heavy and uncomfortable. The chair was truly a savior that day as he was able to stretch out and even take a short nap.

A few days later, he too inquired about this chair as he needed one.

The chair also can be paired with a pair of matching pillows and an Ottoman but these have to be bought separately. Honestly, though you do not need these as the chair alone is enough for any elderly person or patient who has trouble sitting comfortably.


  • Stylish chair
  • Needs less space
  • Usable in any room
  • Extra padding
  • Very Comfortable
  • Arm Support


  • Pillows and the Ottoman have to be bought separately.

5. Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800

My Husband bought this chair for his mother as she had muscle pain mainly on her back

Honestly, we not only ended up appreciating the chair but also the company who were very responsive. If you face any issues, do not hesitate to contact the company.

Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner

Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner

Kahuna massage 
Foot Rollers
Space Saving
5 Massage Techniques
Heating for Back and Legs
Quality Customer Service

You do not have to set up the chair as it will be done by the company. 

The chair can give you a full body massage. There are also various massage programs to choose from such as Yoga-Stretching and Kahuna Signature Program.

The Yoga Stretching program stretches your body which helps you to relax while the Kahuna Signature Program targets the spinal area of your back.

The back area covers the following:

  • Entire back
  • Lower body
  • Lower back & body
  • Upper back
  • Lower back

Massaging is done by rolling, tapping, and kneading.

Heating is also applied on the lower back and the calf of your legs.

There are also foot rollers in the feet area in case you have pain in your feet.

If you feel worried about your size, don’t be. The chair can measure and adjust your body size.

Another feature is the Zero Gravity Position. A user’s weight is spread across the chair. It helps the chair to provide the message more effectively.

As you can already guess, this is a pretty heavy chair. 

It also looks very large. Yet, surprisingly it does not require much space as it can be placed just 3 inches from the wall.

When you relax on the chair, it reclines so it does not occupy too much space.

Although this chair was meant for the elderly, you can still use this if you are a busy working adult. Honestly, having a massage after a long day’s work is way better than relaxing in front of the television.


  • Kahuna massage 
  • Foot Rollers
  • Space Saving
  • 5 Massage Techniques
  • Heating for Back and Legs
  • Quality Customer Service


  • The chair is quite heavy.

How to buy sofas for older people


Weight does play an important role. Be sure to cross-check your weight and the weight capacity of the chair. If your weight exceeds the capacity of the chair then the chair may start to get worn out faster.


The price for these sofa chairs will be different from a regular chair. A powered chair that helps you to stand will cost you more whereas a recliner meant to support your arms, legs and back will cost you less. 


All of these chairs were made to maximize comfort. Choose the one which addresses your needs. If you have no trouble getting up from your chair then a chair for supporting your back and arms will work well.

If you are looking for a chair that will address your muscle pain and knees then choose Kahuna Massage chair to address your muscle pain.


Sofa height does matter. You need to look at the height of these recliners’ support. If you cannot rest your head because the chair is too short then the purpose of buying the chair will be lost.

Elderly sofa

Some FAQs you must know

These sofas look like chairs-Can you explain more about this?

A  regular Sofa no matter how comfortable, will not be safe for those who have trouble sitting. This is because of the design of the sofa. A sofa is meant to hold multiple users whereas a chair-like sofa is designed to hold a single person.
A chair-like sofa is also easier to support your back, arms, and helps you to get up from your chair. On the other hand, a sofa cannot assist you in this way as it is too spacious and may not even support your back.
These chairs act as a “sofa” for those who would like to sit in the drawing room or anywhere in the house. 

These sofas are very heavy. Is there a lighter chair that is comfortable?

Not all of the chairs are heavy. However, the chairs that are meant to assist the user to lift from their seating position will be a little heavier. Whereas the chairs are You can check the weight of the chairs if you want.

Can these chairs be used outdoors?

These chairs cannot be used outdoors. They are meant for the elderly as well as patients who have trouble sitting on a regular chair due to injury. We understand the need to sit outdoors but these chairs are just not meant for that. 
You can place these chairs beside a window to allow in the fresh air-that way you will be able to relax while also feeling the breeze.
It is possible to tweak some hacks to make the best for simple elegant outdoor living. It does not take much to simplify how you can make the best of outdoor living.

What is the ideal angle for a sofa meant for the elderly?

It really depends on which angle is comfortable for you. My grandmother took a few days to realize that she needed to adjust the angle. So make sure you check the reclining angle of your chair. 
It is a good idea to check the maximum angle of your sofa. I would say a 135 angle is quite suitable. Be sure to also make sure the chair is suitable for your height. 

Can a regular recliner be the best chair for the elderly?

Having a Power Lift recliner does not mean it will be the best for you. If your elderly relatives have a tough time getting up from their chairs then a powered lift will work for you. 
There are many elderly who do not have issues with getting up from a chair. They simply need a chair that is comfortable in terms of supporting their back and their arms. Some even dislike Powered Lift Chairs. 
So it really all filters down to which chair is really meant for you. You can ask your loved one what problem they face while sitting. This will make it easier to decide which chair is meant for your elders. 
Remember, you need a chair that gives you the comfort your elders truly deserve.

In what situation is a powered lift chair suitable for the elderly?

Many elders face muscle pain as they age. One difficulty is to get out of the bed or even a sofa. In such a case a Powered Lift Chair is suitable to assist the user to stand up.

These sofas look like chairs-Can you explain more about this?

Chairs tend to make noise after years of use. We have an article where we discuss how to stop a leather chair from squeaking. The tips are not just for a leather chair but for any other chair. This noise is not too serious and can be fixed using a few tweaks mentioned in the post.

Are any office chair chairs suitable for elders?

Yes! They are available and very relaxing for your body. The Eames chair is very healthy and comfortable for your back and legs. But they are expensive. Check out the Best Eames Chair Replica Review to find alternatives to the Eames chair that are more affordable. 

Final thoughts

The best sofa for elderly is one that lets the elders spend their time with enjoyment rather than from the bed. My grandmother disliked laying on the bed so we had to get her one.

I admit- sitting on the chair in the drawing room helped my children to get to know her better. After all, all meetings are held while sitting on a chair or sofa.

So make sure you get the weight, height as well as the type of chair you need for your recovery as these chairs are meant to give you comfort as well as to help you heal.

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