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How High Should Your Chair Be For Gaming & How To Make Higher?

If your gaming chair is getting low frequently, this could be a problem for your productivity. Uncomfortable sitting could lead to chronic back pain and other health injuries. 

So, knowing how high your chair should be for gaming is compulsory. This article has structured the most compatible ways to adjust your gaming chair. Keep on reading to know more about crucial postures, and chair angles, and maintain chair durability for longer

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How high should your chair be for gaming?

The height of your chair should go hand in hand. If your table is in a higher position, the chair should compensate for beating that. The ideal size of a chair is where your hips and knees should align at 90 degrees. 

Your feet have to touch the floor. The ankles must be 90 degrees instead of swirling underneath the chair. If your hips, knees, and ankles are not aligned at 90 degrees, this sitting will bother your blood circulation. With that, your eye level has to be compatible with the computer monitor.

3 Reasons Why Posture Important while Playing?

Since our bodies are meant to move, sedentary styles are not supposed to be healthy for our lifestyle. Perhaps, this is our modern trend to live for. In this regard, an outstanding gaming chair can assist you to play smoothly. A good posture can avail the following goodness to you:

1. Helps you get better attention

The holes in gaming chairs are not just a design element; they play a pivotal role in maintaining your posture, which in turn, enhances your focus and attention. Good posture aligns your spine, reducing fatigue and helping you stay alert and concentrated on your game. This alignment ensures that your energy is directed towards your gaming performance, rather than combating discomfort.

2. Gives you enhanced comfort

Comfort is key in long gaming sessions, and the ergonomic design facilitated by the holes in your gaming chair contributes significantly to this comfort. These openings allow for better airflow, reducing heat build-up and keeping you cool. This ventilation system ensures that you can game for longer periods without feeling the need to constantly adjust your position due to discomfort or overheating.

3. Has perfect sitting position

Achieving the perfect sitting position is essential for avoiding strain and injury during gaming. The holes in gaming chairs support ergonomic designs that encourage a natural sitting posture, aligning your spine and distributing your weight evenly. This design helps in minimizing the pressure on your back and shoulders, ensuring that your body is supported in a way that prevents pain and promotes health and well-being during and after gaming.

How to Maintain Chair Durability for a Long Time?

Your chair’s durability and strength can also be crucial factors for a perfect posture. Sometimes, even a slight repositioning of the backrest can be dangerous!

> Proper use of the chair

Ensure you’re using the gaming chair correctly, like sitting on it in awkward positions, and don’t use it as a step stool. Improper use can strain the chair’s structure and potentially damage it. Moreover, avoid placing heavy items on the chair that exceed the manufacturer’s recommended weight limit.

> Care for upholstery works

Gaming chairs often have upholstered seats and backrests that require special attention. Consider using a chair cover or cushion to protect the upholstery from stains and wear. If your chair has removable and machine-washable covers, take advantage of this feature for regular cleaning. For non-removable covers, spot clean spills immediately to avoid permanent staining.

> Maintain a suitable environment

Gaming chairs can easily be affected by outdoor environmental conditions, so try to keep your gaming space at a moderate temperature and humidity level. Excessive heat can make certain materials brittle, while too much moisture can cause others to warp or mold.

How to Make Your Gaming Chair Higher?

How High Should Your Chair Be For Gaming

Experts have suggested numerous ways to elevate your gaming support. But we recommend the following as the most effective:

> You can place a drafting stool kit

A drafting stool kit can elevate your gaming chair to the highest possible range. Most of the tools come in premium packages. Varying levels of extenders come with those packages. 

On average, if you have a gaming chair of 16-21 inches, a drafting tool can add a substantial range of sizes up to 9 inches. In addition, these extension kits are easy to install. All you need is a screwdriver, an adjustable wrench, and a rubber mallet.

> Add an extra cushion

The easiest way to add some extra height to your chair is by extending a layer. Buy a different seat cushion to adjust your eye level. In this way, you would benefit from matching your eye level.

> Buy a new caster

Sometimes replacing the old one with a larger one can add a bit of extra height to your gaming chair.

Replace the Old Cylinder. The standard size of gaming chair wheels is 2-2.5 inches. Adding a swirl of 3-4 inches will elevate your seat.

> Replace your gas lift cylinder

The pneumatic gas cylinder moves your gaming chair up and down. The standard length of a typical gaming chair is 5 inches. But you can find a caster of height 4-6 inches in the marker. 

You can increase the size by employing a new caster of greater height. To do so, manually detach the existing gas chamber and replace it with a larger one.

> Place a wooden block as a platform

If you want to save your money, this is the easiest way. First, measure the additional height you want. Take a wooden block of a specific size and place it below your gaming chair. Remove the caster and drill holes, and attack the block to the prong platform with bolts.


How high should my chair be gaming?

To increase the height of your gaming chair, locate the pneumatic adjustment lever typically found directly under the seat. Pressing or pulling this lever while not seated will raise the chair. If your chair is already at its maximum height and you require additional elevation, adding a footrest can help maintain an ergonomic posture by supporting your feet and aligning your legs correctly.

How to make a gaming chair higher?

The maximum height adjustment of gaming chairs varies across different models and manufacturers. Most chairs are designed to cater to a wide range of body sizes, providing enough adjustability to ensure users can maintain an ergonomic seating position.

This usually means allowing for the user’s feet to be flat on the ground with the arms at desk level, promoting comfort and reducing the risk of strain.

How high do gaming chairs go?

The maximum height adjustment of gaming chairs varies across different models and manufacturers. Most chairs are designed to cater to a wide range of body sizes, providing enough adjustability to ensure users can maintain an ergonomic seating position.

This usually means allowing for the user’s feet to be flat on the ground with the arms at desk level, promoting comfort and reducing the risk of strain.

Should Chairs be high or low?

Chairs should neither be too high nor too low; they should be adjusted to a height where your feet can rest flat on the floor, and your thighs are parallel to it.

This height supports a natural spinal curve and distributes your weight evenly across the seat. It prevents the common pitfalls of poor posture, such as lower back pain or discomfort in the legs, enhancing both gaming performance and overall well-being.

How do I know if my chair is too high?

If your chair is too high, you’ll notice your feet struggling to reach the floor, leading to your legs dangling. This position can cause discomfort, reduce blood circulation to your legs, and increase pressure on the underside of your thighs.

Additionally, it may force you into a posture that strains your back and shoulders, indicating the need for adjustment to lower the chair or use a footrest for proper support.

Final notes

Knowing how to adjust your gaming chair is a big deal after buying it because flexible sitting will make your gaming experience productive and worthwhile. 

So we have gathered a detailed discussion on the most tested methods here. We hope this information will help you.

Good luck!

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