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How to Remove Ink Stains from Wood: Surprising Shaving Foam Tricks

Sadly, inks don’t just spill on carpets-they can also spill on the wood of your furniture. When I was a child, I remember discoloring furniture with ink using permanent markers (mom still gets mad when recalling those days).  

So today’s blog will focus on how to remove ink stains from wood materials. Remember there are homes whose walls and floors are made from wood. You can also use the described methods to remove ink stains from pieces of products that are made from wood.

Let’s get started

8 Best Methods to Remove Ink Stains from Wood

There are a total of 8 ways to remove ink from wood. Near the end, there is a short question-and-answer section for you that may give you further insight on removing ink from wood.

i. How to remove ink stains from wood by using alcohol

The classic way to clean ink is to use Alcohol. The alcohol we are referring to is called Rubbing Alcohol, also known as Isopropyl alcohol.

Damp a piece of soft rag cloth with some rubbing alcohol and rub it on the stained surface of the wood really HARD. You may have to rub for a while, maybe for 1-2 minutes and you will see that the ink stain is no longer present on your wood.

Rubbing alcohol is commonly used for wiping and cleaning ink stains. It is a common ingredient used for cleaning supplies, perfume, and paint.

For this reason, it is very important that you do not EVER swallow rubbing alcohol as it can be deadly. Rubbing alcohol is also very flammable so make sure when you are applying it onto your wood for cleaning, your furniture is not near any fire.

ii. Remove ink stains by using vinegar & toothpaste.

In the case of vinegar, you can pour a little on the wooden surface and run the area with a soft wet cloth that was drenched in water.

How to Remove Ink Stains from Wood by vinegar

For toothpaste, put some toothpaste on the wooden surface and let it stay for a while. Then rub the surface hard with a soft cloth or rag to wipe the stain off the table.

iii. Remove ink stains from wood by using baking soda.

In a small bowl create a paste by putting 1 teaspoon of baking soda and some water. Now mix it well.

Pour this baking soda mixture over the wood area that has been stained with ink. Leave the mixture on the area for a while. Then grab a piece of cloth and rub over the surface in a circular motion. You may have to rub the surface for a minute or two before the stain disappears.

How to Remove Ink Stains from Wood by Using Alcohol

iv. How to remove ink stains from wood by using sun-screen

Put some sunscreen on the surface of the wood and grab an alcohol wipe (or a soft cloth) and clean the surface.

v. Try hand-sanitizer & window cleaner

Hand-sanitiser is another alternative for removing ink stains on wood. Rub some hand-sanitizer onto the wooden area. Let it stay for half a minute and then rub it off with a piece of cloth.

Window Cleaning spray can be sprayed over the area and wiped away with a piece of cloth.

vi. Deodorant can also help you

On the wooden surface, run your deodorant over the area that is stained with ink. Now use a soft cloth to rub the deodorant off the surface.

vii. You can try nail polish remover to clean your wood furniture

Just as described before, wet a piece of soft rag with some nail polish and then rub against the area in a circular motion. Don’t be surprised if the ink does not go away instantly.

You may have to remove the ink by rubbing the wood by re-wetting the cloth with more nail polish and rubbing with force. When you are done and the ink has come off, use a wet cloth soaked in water to clean the surface to ensure the area is fully clean.

Try rubbing for a minute and if that does not work, then try the next solution for removing ink stains from wood.

viii. Remove ink stains from wood with shaving cream

Personally, I prefer using Barbasol Shaving cream to clean ink stains.

Remove Ink Stains from Wood with Shaving Cream

To use shaving cream, apply some onto the area and let it sit for a minute or two. Then use a soft cloth and rub the surface in a circular motion.

After you have cleaned the surface, spray some water onto the wooden surface. Now use a soft cloth to wipe the area dry. You can repeat the process again if this solution does not work the first time.

Don’t worry, as this is very common. If it does not work the first time then try again and if it does not then try the next solution.

How to remove ink stains from wood by cheating

Now, this is a trick that no blog has spoken of. I personally implemented this trick when I was a child as I was scared of what mom would say (I didn’t just mark on furniture, I also drew on walls).

The simple trick is not to remove the stain at all. Instead, you PAINT over the stain with a color that matches the color of your wood.

When all fails, this is probably the last idea that will save your furniture. Personally, I used oil paint, the ones used for painting on paper for artistic purposes.

You do not have to just brush over the area-you simply brush over the area that is stained only. I would use a regular paintbrush (the ones used for painting on paper) to paint the areas marked in ink. You can also use paint used for painting wood.

Painting over the inked area makes the mark more invisible. Avoid painting the areas that are not marked at all as this may make the paint seem obvious.

FAQ on How to Remove Ink Stains from Wood

What brand of nail polish remover should I use?

If you want to use Nail Polish Removers to remove ink stains from wood then know that brand is not a fact here. You can use any kind of Nail Polish Remover. However, an Acetone-based nail polish remover will more likely give you the best result as they work like rubbing alcohol.

Can alcohol good for cleaning ink on wood?

Yes, alcohol can be used to clean ink from wood. Isopropyl alcohol, or rubbing alcohol, is effective in removing ink stains from wood. It works by breaking down the ink’s chemical structure, making it easier to wipe away. However, it’s important to use it cautiously.

Rubbing with force does not remove the ink stains, what should I do?

Just Apply the recommended solution to the surface and leave for a while. Then instead of a plain soft cloth, use a wet sponge to rub the surface with force. Hopefully, this will work. Otherwise, try another ingredient to remove the ink.

What should I do when wooden surface is stained with permanent markers?

To remove permanent marker stains from a wooden surface, you have several options. First, rubbing alcohol is a common choice. Apply it to a cloth and gently rub the stained area. This method works as alcohol can break down the ink. Another option is to create a paste using equal parts baking soda and toothpaste.

Apply this paste to the stain, gently rub it in, and then wipe it clean. For tougher stains, nail polish remover with acetone can be effective. Apply it carefully to the stain and rub gently. Lastly, a magic eraser can also be useful.

Can I use liquid dish-soap to remove wood stains?

Well, you can give it a try. The effectiveness of this idea depends on what type of ink and the type of wood.
It does not harm to try. This idea will less likely damage your wood but dish soap will less likely work for removing stains on wood. This is because dish soap is not chemically as strong as rubbing alcohol.

It’s not just wood- It can be used in other places as well.

Bear in mind that a lot of these items can be used to remove ink stains on plastic-not just wood. Some of the items may work better than others.

One of my friends once mentioned the use of hair shampoos and perfume for removing ink stains but we have not tested this out although perfumes contain Isopropyl alcohol.

Keep in mind that none of these above-mentioned products ever CLAIM to remove ink stains from furniture-these are just ideas that people have experimented with and have passed on these ideas (all of which we have tried and have worked.)

If you are also searching for a way to remove an ink stain from your carpet then try this How to Remove Ink Stains from Carpet. It has amazing ways to shine your carpet like a new one.

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