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How To Clean Patio Furniture Mesh

Elegant garden furniture might look tempting. But maintaining that shine will lead you through lots of work. As patio furniture remains most exposed to extreme weather, the mesh gets dirty frequently. Especially after humid weather, rust catches the mesh certainly.

After thorough research and trials, we have brought some fruitful methods on how to clean patio furniture mesh.

Here, you will get expert suggestions and exclusive tips to clean and protect your outdoor decor. Let’s make your backyard more appealing.

What is furniture mesh?

How To Clean Patio Furniture Mesh

Mesh is a screening cover that gives structure to any outdoor furniture. In terms of trend, now there are numerous cover types. Such as plastic, metal, or fabric. 

Their season-friendly texture and material make them useful to keep your furniture secure for many years. Regardless of material, furniture mesh is extremely durable and suitable for outdoor use. 

Why It’s necessary to rinse garden furniture mesh

The mesh plays a significant role in the durability of patio furniture. 

Over time, furniture screening covers lose their glamour. A weathered mesh can affect the lifetime of your outdoor furniture. So, cleaning is essential to-

  • Store the glamour of the furniture for a long-lasting coverage
  • Restore the outdoor decor
  • Rescue the newly-launched patio from damage
  • Avoid the accidental risk of getting scratched.

5 Cleaning equipment for different types of mesh

Before going to the steps, Please store the following essentials:

1. Brush

A soft bristle brush is appropriate to clean the mesh built from any material. It’s better to choose a squishy and light one. 

2. Cotton cloth/ sponge

Fluffy sponge or cotton cloths are vital to clean the wooden and plastic mesh. The advantage of hatching a sponge is that it cleanses the spots effectively.

3. Vinegar


For cleaning rust stains and other fungal spots, vinegar is essential. Store a vinegar that contains a mild acidic formula.

4. Detergent/ mild soaps

To restore the worn-out mesh, mild detergents, and soaps (Basically the ones we use for home appliances) are inevitable. 

5. Bleach/ ammonium/ chlorine

Store a medium-range bleach/ ammonium/ chloride solution for heavy stains, and molds. Generally, half a cup of bleach is appropriate for 3.73 liters (1 Gallon) of water.

How To clean patio furniture mesh

How To Clean Patio Furniture Mesh

In terms of the latest trend, people love decorating their outdoors with variegated furniture sets. Considering materials, there is different mesh available. Here, we will give hassle-free and straightforward cleaning suggestions for the most popular ones.

1. Cleaning methods for fabric mesh

Fabric mesh is the most vulnerable part to getting damaged due to seasonal conditions. Humidity, wet circumstances tend to make the fabric weak. So, here goes the simple cleaning tips.

Step #1: Scrub the fabric mesh with a brush

Pick a soft brush and start scrubbing the dirty area gently. Pluck the extra fibers or moles thoroughly. Don’t scrub too harshly, or the fabric will get damaged.

Step #2: Dilute the soap/ detergent solution

Now dilute 1 tablespoon of detergent or soap solution in warm water and stir the solution until the particles get dissolved. 

Step #3: Wipe the mesh with a soaked sponge/ cotton cloth

Soak the cotton cloth in the solution and gently wipe off the dirt. Start cleaning from the back of the chair and repeat it 2-3 times.

Step #4: Rinse and dry the mesh

Now abruptly rinse water from the furniture. Soak the extra hydration with a dry cloth and let it dry for 30-60 minutes.

2. Cleaning procedure for plastic mesh

Plastic patio furniture mesh is the most popular choice for an excellent shell life. Polymer indeed lasts for a long time, but the mesh catches dirt quickly. Let’s read how to clean them.

Step #1: Mix sodium carbonate/ washing soda with water

Take ¾ cup of Soda/ Sodium carbonate in warm water and mix it properly. To mention, please wear safety glasses and gloves in your hands.

Step #2: Rinse The furniture with cloth/ sponge

Now take a sponge/ washing fabric and dip it in water. Then wipe off all the dirt and grime from the mesh, and start from inside to outside. If the furniture incorporates any cushion, remove it before doing that.

Keep repeating this step if the stains remain visible after the first wipe.

Step #3: Remove extra water

After erasing all the spots, splash the extra water. Learn the tool in the back position so that the remaining water doesn’t leave any marks.

Step #4: Let the mesh dry

After washing, keep the furniture under the sun for 1-hour max. Otherwise, you can dry it under a fan. Exposure to long hours under the sun damages the furniture’s natural color.

3. Washing techniques for metal mesh

Washing Techniques for Metal Mesh

After a long rainy and humid season, the metal screening cover becomes vulnerable to corrosion. A rusty mesh makes the tool inappropriate to use and also leaves marks on clothes. So, it’s essential to remove rust from outdoor cushions and mesh. Let’s shine them.

Step #1: Spread baking soda powder

Pick a regular baking soda powder and spread it all over the metal mesh. Spray water gently. Wait at least 15-30 minutes.

Step #2: Scrub the filth

Take a suitable Nylon scrub brush to remove the baking powder along with dirt. Clean the arms and other parts as well. As the body is metal, make sure you jerk off the excess sand.

Step #3: Wash the patio with water flow

After scrubbing, wash it thoroughly with pressured water flow. Check that there are no dirt or rust stains left.

Step #4: Sun-dry the metal furniture

After washing with water, let it dry under the sun for at least 1 hour. You can paint the mesh metal patio furniture to bring a new look.

4. Rinsing method for wooden mesh

Wood furniture has always been famous as a vintage attire for the outdoors. But damp weather brings dirt and different fungal spots on them. Let’s know how to restore them:

Step #1: Brush off the light debris

Lightly scrub the stain areas with a nylon brush to remove the minimal dirt.

Step #2: Clean the surface with lukewarm soap water

Now to shine the furniture, clean it with a lukewarm soap solution. Spray the solution thoroughly.

Step #3: Soak the excess water with a cloth

Take a regular cotton cloth/sponge and soak the water on the furniture’s body.

Step #4: Sun dry the mesh properly

Now the final stage has arrived, place your freshly cleaned wooden furniture in the sun. Wait till it dries. To decorate a bit, you can apply wood paint.

Most usual mesh stains and their treatment

How to Clean Wrought Iron Patio Furniture

Since we have enlightened the cleaning pattern regarding the four basic furniture mesh types. But there are still some usual tough stains that need detailed attention. Here we have to fetch out the basic stain types and their treatment procedure.

1. Oxidized spots 

Rust stains are the most common phenomena that we face after humid weather. If your metal furniture mesh is getting oxidized marks, then practice the following.

  • Store cotton cloth/ sponge, acetone, silicone spray
  • Wipe the additional dirt particles with a cotton cloth and spray acetone solution abruptly.
  • Wait for 10-15 seconds and wipe off the rust stain with absolute pressure.
  • Now spray silicone solution over the stained area and let it dry.
  • Coat the metal mesh with a matching color to restore the look

2. Mold/ mildew

With the dynamic humidity, outdoor furniture becomes the most vulnerable to fungal attacks. These microscopic non-living matters create ugly patches on your lovely patio mesh. To clean those spots:

  • Grab a mold and mildew remover and dissolve the powder in a warm water solution.
  • Spray the water over the mold-affected areas
  • After soaking the areas with water, sprinkle the mold remover solution and let it sit for 10 minutes (The duration can vary depending on powder type).
  • Now brush the mold rigorously.
  • Air Dry the patio for 30 minutes

3. Makeup/ mustard/ grass stain

The aforementioned stains are the candid reality of regular life. No matter how persistently you try to avoid dropping soup or makeup, it happens. The best way to erase those spots are:

  • Choose a regular alcohol solution.
  • Pour some solution into a wet cotton cloth and rub over the stains gently.
  • Do this step consciously so that the acid doesn’t fade the furniture colors (We suggest alcohol solution is only in cases where mild soap solution doesn’t work).
  • After this, you can wash it off and dry it.

Must avoid rules in cleaning patio tools

Cleaning Tools

The patio mesh remains exposed to rough weather. Cleaning this delicate cover requires effort as well. But we must consider the following instructions to restore their durability.

  • Always use a mild cleanser. Chemically active solutions can hamper the outlook.
  • Use a color-safe bleaching solution for tough stains. Regular bleach application damages the color coat.
  • Do not use salt or acid solution(with extremely high or low pH) on the metal mesh. A powerful acid can melt the mesh.
  • For fabrics, use a soft brush to avoid any tampering with the material.


How to clean woven outdoor furniture? 

Answer: As woven outdoor furniture is solid and resilient, they need some special tricks to get cleaned:

– Vacuum the natural wicker daily and dust off the loose particles.
– If the furniture bears mud stains or something challenging, spot clean the area with a mild detergent/ soap solution.
– Hold a sponge/old toothbrush to scrub the dark patches scrupulously.
– Rinse the leftover with water and dry it.
– Don’t sit or use it before the woven appliance dries completely.

How to clean mesh chairs? 

Answer: The mesh chairs catch dirt quickly. They require the following method:

– Jerk off the soil clung in the mesh holes with a vacuum cleaner
– Pour a mild soap/detergent solution all over the furniture and let it sit for 10 minutes.
– Now, rub the specks of dirt attached to the holes with an appropriate brush.
– Clean the chair with cold water and air dry it completely.
Paint it if required

How to clean tropitone sling chairs?

Answer: To maintain the luxurious tropitone sling chairs, each part needs the critical cleaning method listed below:

– First, rinse the soft cushion with baby wipes or wet cloths and use a dryer to dehydrate them.
– Use a regular warm soap water solution to wash off the metal frame and wipe the frame with a sponge.
– For fabrics, one can use normal water to rinse the dust.
– Dry every part promptly to keep the frame rust-free

How to clean textilene garden furniture?

Answer: Textilene garden furniture is easy to wash.

Pick a color-neutral and neutral-pH mild detergent solution to rinse the frame. As the slings are made from mold-resistant fabrics, a mild soap solution is enough to clean them. Spill the liquid all over the body.

For tough stains, mix a color-safe ¾ cup of bleach with water and gently wipe the spot with a sponge. After drenching water, sun-bake the furniture.

How to protect mesh patio furniture?

Answer: There are numerous suggestions for protecting mesh patio furniture. In terms of effectiveness, we chose the following:

– Wash once a week and dry them thoroughly.
– Use anti-corrosive paint on metal frames to restore longevity.
– In summer, keep your patio under a shade to protect the color.
– To avoid mold or rust, store them dry in the rainy season.
– In the case of metal furniture, scrub the rust after the first notice.
– Wipe the attached cushions gently to prevent scratch
– Use a water-proof sling to protect them from mold.

Wrapping up 

Patio furniture mesh ensures the coverage of your outdoor furniture. Regardless of the season, it’s mandatory to take care of them. Here we have unveiled every possible solution referring to how to clean patio furniture mesh? 

We hope now you have got the answer. Scheduled weekly maintenance is necessary to rescue the garden furniture from seasonal damage. Take care of your outdoor decor and enjoy!

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