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Tail-Wagging Trends: Navigating the World of Pet-Friendly Furniture Shopping

As a pet owner, I know how hard it is to maintain nice furniture. Are you like me, who always searches for pet-friendly furniture? Then welcome to this article. 

For the last 2 years, I have been with my friend, and I lost a few of my furniture. I will not say I am pro at this, but I can ensure you that it can be really hard to pick out the best furniture which a cat/ dog/ or any other animal can not destroy. Which is why, having proper guidance to pick the right product for your home is important.

By the end of this guide, you’ll be equipped to make informed decisions that ensure your furniture not only suits your lifestyle but also withstands the joys and challenges of living with pets.

Let’s dig deeper!

10+ Buying Guide of Pet Friendly Furniture

Not being tricky to select the perfect furniture for you can make you feel guilty when you will see it is damaging because of your pets. Actually, they are super naughty at the same time they are innocent. So, you can’t even blame them. It’s your responsibility to take care of your home and pet. 

1. Maintain pet-friendly color 

Maintain Pet Friendly furniture Color- Buying Guide of Pet Friendly Furniture

Surly the white and black sofa/ couch looks so classy. These colors can even help you to click awesome photos. But when you will see the fur of your retriever, spitz, or any other hairy cat, I think you will not like it that much. Actually, it depends on the color of your pet’s fur. If your pet has white hair try some light colors and deep colors for dark hairy pets. There are even some neutral colors. Like- 

  • Brown
  • Gray
  • Blue
  • Red 
  • Pink

These colors will also not get stained or dirty so soon. Therefore, no need for frequent wash. Or you can go for multicolored pattern furniture where the hair will be less likely to show in front of your guest.

2. Suitable fabrics for pet-friendly furniture

Sometimes furniture enthusiasts like to be more gorgeous while purchasing fabric for sofas, chairs, or couches. Most of the time they pick velvet/ microsuede. There is no doubt that this type of fabric is super awesome to look at. But this type of fabric attracts your pet’s hair and makes it hairy within a few minutes. 

So, you have to go for charming yet durable fabrics and this is the ultimate way of controling your pet’s hair. Like- 

These are stain-resistant, strong fabrics, and at the same time easy to clean. They just have to suffer your pet’s nail scratches. Without this bad effect, nothing is to worry about. 

3. Easily machine-washable furniture

If you have furniture which is manually cleanable and in the same period you have a pet, then my friend you are in big trouble. So, it is wise to buy furniture which is machine-washable while you have a pet. 

Woven cloths and microfiber cushioning help you to easily clear fur, dirt, or any other ink stains in the fabric. Even you can opt for outdoor fabrics to cover your indoor furniture. Typically, the maintenance is hassle-free and most importantly looks so good after many years. Do you know the bonus point of this fabric? Well, it doesn’t contain odors like the other fabrics. 

On the other hand, if you can’t sleep with your dog or cat and want a clean bed then do weekly washings. In case of extra safety, you can attach more durable mattress pads to your bed. 

4. Keep the furniture out of your pet‘s reach

If your pets have an affection for picking food from the table when you turn your back. To get rid of it, you have to use a tall table with stools where the dog can not reach the food bowl (it is not applicable for big breeds).

On the other hand, for cats, you have to take some different steps. Because cats can jump from here to there. So, put a piece of decorative furniture or a sturdy plant. Thus, your cat will not get any space for a bounce now. 

Cat Scratching Proof Furniture

5. Scratch-proof furniture

The claws of cats are really dangerous for furniture fabric. When the claws get out from the paws, you’ll definitely need a tight texture that can resist the sharpness. For that, avoid fabrics that will not damage easily. Or the best option is to buy a stylish scratching post to satisfy your cat. And, obviously, it is their natural phenomenon. 

6. Pet-friendly furniture shouldn’t have wooden legs

Are you angry like most pet owners for half-eaten chairs or sofa legs? Well, it’s not your pet’s fault (I am a super pet lover. So, to me always you are the guilty). It’s you who don’t give enough attention to him/ her. 

Firstly, when you are owning a puppy or cat try to avoid purchasing wooden-legged as they are not pet-friendly furniture. And, if there is already furniture with wood bottom then buy sprays from local pet stores. It will act as a deterrent. I have used Grannick’s Bitter Apple Spray, and it really works. And, don’t worry it is a non-toxic option for your pet. 

Secondly, pick the furniture which has metal fittings at the bottom. So, it will free you from your pet’s teeth marks. 

Finally, give your dog a chewy bone so as not to spend time with the table leg. It’s really normal that you can not always look after what your puppy is doing. Therefore, buy him/ her some pet toys. There are some toys that you can use for passing hours after hours with your dog. 

Pet Friendly Furniture shouldn't have Wood Legs

7. Use carpet in your house

Have you ever thought about why your dog takes a rest on your furniture? Do you leave any space which is airy, big, and relaxing for your furry baby? If not, then it’s time to buy carpets for your house. Don’t spread it all over the room. 

Carpets can absorb the odor and little particles that your pet brings from outside. So, if any guest comes home, he/ she can smell that you have a pet and you are not that clean person. I know you don’t want to be in this place. For that, place rugs in the space where your pet loves to play. And, wash the carpet twice or thrice a month. Therefore, there will be no bad smell left in your room. 

8. Buy cheap furniture

Lots of alternatives are there to buy sleek yet wonderful furniture that will be cheap in the budget. For good-quality and winning fittings in our house have a look in the local shops around you.

9. Share space with your pet

As you are a pet person you can not ignore your baby all the time to down it from your furniture. But you can make a rule that the pet can not sit on your furniture (it seems rude to me) and you will not interfere in their space. 

Share Space with Your Pet

You can ask me, how will you then play with each other? Well, for the solution you can purchase a king-size bed or big mattress to hang out there.

10. Welcome slipcovers to adjust to your budget

All time it is not possible to have money when you are in trouble. Thus, I have brought you a solution, where you don’t need to buy new furniture. Order slipcovers to protect your current furniture from your pet. And, believe me, they are awesome. 

I have a velvet couch which is my Grandma’s and I love to sit there with my coffee mug or book. To guard it, I tried slipcovers and worked really well. The most amazing part is there are different types of slipcovers- solo color, multi-printed, and more. Plus, it is machine-washable and dries pretty quickly. So, get which suits the best with your sofa.

11. Use small decors as blockers

Think about some decors which are tiny and at the same time they are useful too. If you want to keep your vase in a one-piece. Because most of the time vases get broken by the cats who use to jump everywhere. So, try to put anything around the breakables yet your favorite part of the house to not be touched by your pooch. 


What is the best fabric for pet-friendly furniture?

Microfiber is considered the gold standard when it comes to pet-friendly furniture fabrics. Its tightly woven fibers provide durability and resistance to scratches and stains, making it an ideal choice for households with pets.

Easy to clean with just a damp cloth, microfiber also doesn’t cling to fur as much as other fabrics, making your cleaning routine much simpler. Whether you’re dealing with muddy paws or shedding season, furniture covered in microfiber can handle it all, keeping your home looking stylish and clean.

How do I handle pet odors on my furniture?

Combating pet odors on furniture requires a two-pronged approach. Initially, baking soda acts as a natural odor absorbed—simply sprinkle it generously over your furniture, allow it to sit for a few hours or overnight to absorb the smells, then vacuum it up thoroughly. For more stubborn odors, turning to an enzyme-based cleaner can be effective.

These cleaners break down the odor-causing molecules rather than just masking the smell, offering a deeper clean. Regular use of these methods can help keep your furniture smelling fresh and clean.

Can pet-friendly furniture really withstand scratches and spills?

pet-friendly furniture is crafted to endure the challenges that come with pet ownership, including scratches from claws and the occasional spills. The secret lies in the selection of materials and the construction of the furniture. Fabrics such as microfiber and certain types of leather, like distressed leather, are renowned for their durability and ease of maintenance.

Are there certain furniture styles better suited for pets?

Certainly, certain furniture styles are more pet-friendly than others. Furniture pieces with higher legs can be particularly beneficial for pet owners, as they allow easy access for vacuuming pet hair and dander that accumulates underneath.

Additionally, styles with smooth, easily wipeable surfaces can help in quickly cleaning up spills or accidents. Choosing furniture without intricate designs or textures can also deter pets from scratching, making these styles not only more practical but also potentially saving you from costly repairs or replacements down the line.

Can pet-friendly furniture withstand all pet sizes?

Pet-friendly furniture is designed with durability in mind, capable of withstanding the demands of pets of all sizes. However, the key is selecting furniture that matches the size and activity level of your pet. Larger breeds will require sturdier construction to handle their weight and energy, while furniture for smaller pets can focus more on scratch and stain resistance.

Opting for pieces made with high-quality materials and robust frames can ensure that your furniture remains comfortable and stylish, regardless of your pet’s size.

Final Verdict on pet-friendly furniture

How many pets do you have? And, what are their types? Actually, dogs and cats have different natures. So, your furniture selection should be according to your companion. 

As a dog owner, I skipped wooden furniture when Judy (My dog) was 6 months old. Because she used to bite on the legs and handles. 

If you have a dog and a cat then the scenario would be more fascinating but you have to buy pet-friendly furniture. From the very beginning of pet adoption, everyone should think about the house. Moreover, don’t put too much furniture in a single room. Leave enough space for your furry friends.

Have a lovely day with your pets!

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