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10 Best Office Chairs for Chubby People

Are you chubby ? and want a specifically designed chair to help you maintain a healthy posture? 

Being obese should never hinder your performance at work or cause you to lose confidence; instead, you should be confident and focus on maximizing your comfort level.

On the other side, an unsupportive chair can lead to muscle, back, nerve, or spinal cord injuries, especially in an overweight person, due to bad sitting etiquette.

We have compiled a list of the best office chairs for heavy people to make your decision easier. They provide superb back and neck support, which allows you to work more efficiently. Check out the list of people and experts’ choices right below. 

10 Best office chairs for heavy people

Taller or heavier people should look for a chair that supports and keeps them healthy while providing a comfortable work environment.

1. Steelcase Amia Ergonomic Office Chair

Great quality

This piece by Steelcase Amia is crafted from 100% polyester for long-term support. It features LiveLumbar technology to hold up different spine shapes and promotes healthy daily movement. As your posture varies, the seat cushion’s dynamic support adapts to your body structure.

Innovative synchro-tilt mechanism

With Amia’s sophisticated synchro-tilt mechanism, users may fine-tune their recline options. The seat and backrest move in unison as you slide back, allowing you to recline simultaneously.

3D moveable arms linked to the mechanism allow customers to adjust in whatever position they like and keep them focused on the task.

You may rest your forearms in various positions, whether reclining or sitting straight, with this chair.

Cozy & supportive

Designed for a wide range of customers, the Amia has a curved back and height-customizable lumbar support. You will also get flexible seat edges that ease pressure on your legs when you stretch out or lean forward. Also, stress on your thighs can be alleviated by the automated adjustment of the passive seat angle.


  • The versatile design will fit into any workstation.
  • The average weight limit is up to 400 pounds.
  • Has customizable back tension and armrests.
  • LiveLumber technology boosts healthy motion.
  • High-grade construction for long-term use.


  • It does not offer a headrest

2. Herman Miller Aeron Size C Office Chair

Elegant & high-end design

The Herman Miller office chair is renowned for its simplicity, elegance, and superior performance. It comes in three different measurements, and Size C is a perfect choice for tall and hefty people, approximately 350 pounds.

The padded armrests, curved back support, and soft graphite color of the chair make it appealing in any workplace setting.

PostureFit technology

The Aeron’s PostureFit technology is a crucial selling point and the primary reason why this seat is so comfy for big and tall people. As a result, you have the option of customizing this framework to meet your spine curve.

These tall chairs have the PostureFit support system, which is one of the factors for the company’s leadership in the market for these chairs.

Adjustable height with tension control

With eight zones of adjustable tension, the 8Z Pellicle suspension seats and backs cradle and support the whole body. You may shape your own Herman Miller chair thanks to the executive-level adjustments.

Besides, choosing this chair will allow you to sit comfortably for extended hours without experiencing any discomfort or numbness.


  • A lightweight office chair that is easy to shift
  • PostureFit makes the chair ergonomic
  • Every feature of the chair is customizable
  • Mesh provides resistance and ventilation
  • Has leather-covered foam armrests


  • Extremely high-priced 

3. CLATINA Big and Tall Executive Office Chair

Excellent weight capacity

The Big & Tall office chair by CLATINA is tailored to accommodate heavy-weight guys. On top, this executive chair can tackle up to 400 pounds due to its extra-sturdy base and frame.

It is made of breathable bonded leather and offers a distinctive and attractive design, making it the ideal addition to any company.

Convenient adjustment

When it comes to the height of your chair, you can adjust it to your preference. As a result of its ergonomic and thick cushioning backrest, this executive seat extends up to the upper and back to provide additional, yet soft, support.

This piece’s padded and curved armrests offer plush support while minimizing discomfort and pressure points.

Elegant appearance

The chair offers a unique and attractive design and complements any office since it is constructed of breathable bonded fabric.

Aside from that, it delivers a pleasant seating experience regardless of how long you work.


  • Waterfall seat edge for reduced pressure on the lower back
  • Added plush memory foam for increased comfort
  • Tall and ergonomic backrests facilitate proper back position
  • Height customizable padded armrests
  • 360-degree pivot design


  • Uncomfortable due to the seat’s excessive depth

4. HON Sadie Big and Tall Office Computer Chair 400 LBs

Versatile design

Whether hosting a small-group training session or any company conference, the right boardroom decor can make any meeting more efficient and comfortable. There is no better place than a distraction-free workspace to enhance your health and efficiency.

Having the right furniture at your workplace can help you in different ways. The HON Sadie computer chair is an excellent value because it complements any office space.

Wide adjustable features

This one is the best computer chair for a fat person since it balances quality and value appropriately. It is the best office chair for wide hips and accommodates users weighing almost 400 pounds with sumptuous comfort and support.

Other features include customizable lumbar support for the upper back, length-adjustable arms, and a 360-degree rotating seat that quickly glides up and down to accommodate a wide range of users.

Cooling mesh back

The padded fabric seat provides all-day support, while the black mesh back includes air support and stretches to alleviate pressure points.

Anyone looking for more structural support will find this chair appealing because of its upscale appearance, ergonomic assistance, and affordable price point.


  • Extra back support with lumbar control
  • Smooth rollers and sturdy wheels can easily tackle heavy uses
  • Improved comfort with breathable material
  • Height-customizable arms give all-day support
  • Long-lasting 400-pound weight capacity


  • The look of the chair is a bit bland

5. BestOffice Executive Desk Chair

Comfortable thickness

As a result of the great breathable design, BestOffice Executive Chair keeps you cool and dry in the seating area. Its heavy-duty metallic base and smooth nylon rollers with 360-swivel improve mobility. So, shifting it around is a breeze.

Besides, it is an excellent option for obese individuals since it provides stability and mobility, two of the most vital elements in a heavy-duty chair.

Customizable support

This model by BestOffice has two PU-cushioned armrests that can be moved into different positions, and lumbar support and headrests can also be adjusted for height.

Meanwhile, the waist support knob of a big and tall chair can turn to the left to improve lumbar support, and the reverse is relaxing! Back pain will lessen time to time with enough lumbar support.

Super simple to install

It is super convenient to put together! Everything you need is incorporated into the package. Make sure to follow the instructions, and you will be up and running in just about 15 minutes.


  • Breathable design to keep you calm and relaxed
  • Nylon smooth casters with 360-degree swivel for increased stability
  • Thickly cushioned chair for optimal comfort
  • Designed with commercial-grade components for long-lasting support
  • Super convenient to assemble


  • The construction quality is a bit flimsy

High-quality design

With an optimal weight limit of 330 lbs., this mesh task chair is crafted out of high-quality components, including a smooth padded seat, comfy headrest, and robust armrest.

It also comes with rollerblade casters, permitting you to travel throughout the office. Besides, people with severe back issues can go for this chair since it provides solid back support and an adjustable lumbar mechanism.

Adjustable & easy-to-assemble

The instruction is so simple that anyone can assemble it by following the details. And you only need 15 minutes for the entire process.

Duramont Office Chair allows you to customize your sitting experience just what you desire. The armrests, headrests, and the depth of the lumbar support are all adjustable.

Breathable mesh

This ergonomically designed chair has a ventilated mesh back that helps keep your back cool and comfy. You can sit snugly on the seat for lengthy durations since the mesh keeps your back from sweating compared to regular chairs.


  • Easy to tile or move around a workplace with smooth glide wheels
  • Require only 15 minutes to put together
  • Dual-way lumbar customization for solid support
  • Ergonomic breathable mesh to keep you calm and comfortable
  • Hold weight up to 330 pounds


  • Flimsy armrests may snap at any moment

7. Harwick Evolve Heavy Duty Drafting Chair

Ergonomic design

If you are big and burly, the Harwick Evolve Chair is your ideal drafting chair. It boasts outstanding ergonomic and durability properties compared to other office chairs in its class.

Customized to perfection

With 2-to-1 synchro-tilt and tilt tension modification, you can alter the height of your desk chair to your preferred position and make it stable using the tilt lock.

Other features include a customizable height chrome foot ring, 360-degree rotation, and mesh back and seat coverings to promote airflow.

Supportive & comfy

The armrests may be flipped up to allow you to sit near the table, and the waterfall seat edge lessens stress on your lower body.

This office chair is an excellent option for extra-large individuals. It is easily mobile thanks to its base made of gunmetal with two hooded casters.


  • Ergonomic structure for whole-day comfort
  • Duragrid black mesh foam seat and backrest for breathability
  • Premium design supporting approximately 350 pounds
  • Flip-up armrests let you get close to your workstation
  • Incorporated lumbar support to combat back problems


  • The rear of the chair may not be aligned with the armrests

Durable construction

The large steel plate and sturdier plywood used in constructing the Serta Office Chair ensure that it will last for many years.

This ergonomic chair gives plenty of health advantages you need without sacrificing performance or style for those who spend a lot of time sitting down.

Comfortable leather

It is built to handle 350 pounds of load. The quality five-layer padding system keeps you stable and relaxed all day long.

Apart from these features, its beautiful, bonded leather upholstery lends it a clean and professional appearance that goes well with almost any office setting.

Good lumbar support

Featuring an AIR Lumbar mechanism, the Serta chair bends and swivels with your body when you lean forward or rear. As a result, back pain can be avoided during the day due to the constant support provided.

As a bonus, molded foam armrests relieve pressure on your elbows or forearms so you can move quickly and comfortably. Non-recycled foam is used, and thus, there is no risk of flammability or harmful substances.


  • Well-padded seats for added comfort
  • Tall headrest for neck support
  • Support for approximately 350 lbs. of weight
  • Height and tilt-adjustable lumbar support
  • Simple-to-operate levers


  • Putting everything together takes some time
  • The armrest screws may eventually become loose

Excellent craftsmanship

This Delano Heavy-duty Executive Chair by La-Z-Boy could be an excellent addition to your workplace if you are looking for both comfort and luxury in one piece.

This one features a supple bonded leather upholstery with solid wood armrests and a sturdy base for a sophisticated appearance. No doubt, it is a stunning piece of furniture that will enhance the decor in your office, house, or entertainment space.

Comfort-core layer technology

When you sit for long periods, your back and neck can become exhausted, so these office chairs are designed to keep you comfortable and flexible.

Delano’s executive office chair is equipped with ComfortCore Technology, utilizing top-quality memory cushions. The chair’s curved design ensures that no part of your body is left unsupported.

Big & tall design

With La-Z-Boy Delano, you will expect an ergonomically placed one-touch lever to customize the height or tilt of your chair. Overall, this office chair ranges from 27-1/2 inches wide to 32-1/4 inches in depth.

The Delano Executive chair, on the other hand, has an overall height of 45 to 48 inches. Also, the seat height ranges from 22 to 25 inches, making it appropriate for tall people.


  • Commercial-grade chair materials supporting up to 350 pounds
  • Generously smooth layered cushions
  • Easy-to-use levers for customizing the body’s position
  • Traditional upholstered wooden arms
  • Elevated headrest for relaxation


  • Fewer color options
  • The construction is of subpar quality

10. AmazonBasics Big & Tall Executive Computer Desk Chair

Great construction

Big and tall users will appreciate the high-quality design of this desk chair. Comfort and style come together in a single package with this professional-looking suit. 

Because of the brown faux leather and the pewter finish, AmazonBasics Chair will last for years to come.

Adaptive design

You will get a lumber mechanism that can be customized to support your lower back. In addition, the tilt lock allows you to fine-tune your seat’s height and tilt according to your taste and comfort preferences.

Convenient & comfortable

This chair rotates 360 degrees and has nylon caster wheels for easy movement on carpets and hardwood surfaces. It offers a vast height privilege and very substantial cushioning. Not to mention, the padded armrests and strong back support make for a relaxing working environment.

Additional features include a curving base that provides proper lumbar support, making it easier for all of you to work longer and more productively. A hydraulic lever beneath the seat pan makes it possible to raise or lower the seat effortlessly.

All of these attributes make it the best computer chair for a fat person.


  • Firm cushioning and leather covering for added comfort
  • Thick form capable of supporting near to 350 pounds
  • Five-point base with smooth rollers aids mobility
  • Lower back support with customizable lumber mechanism
  • Superior materials for strength and durability


  • It will take a little time before the chair becomes completely comfortable
  • The armrest cannot be modified

What You Should Look For While Buying An Ergonomic Office Chair For Heavy Person

Choosing the right chair for your office can be daunting, and the wrong one can affect your health and well-being.

There are some crucial points for overweight persons in an office chair. However, there are some other things to consider, such as where you work, how much room you have, and the desk you are currently using.

A chair is only truly ergonomic if it is the right fit for your body type, height, and weight since we all feature different body shapes.

Without further ado, Let’s take a closer look at those factors right away!

Maximum weight capacity

The first thing to consider when looking for an office chair is the chair’s weight limit. However, heavy-duty office chairs may support users weighing approximately 400 to 500 pounds, with most models rated to at least 250 pounds.

Better to invest in a chair with a maximum load capacity than your anticipated need. Also, get an office chair with a maximum weight capacity of 350 to 450 pounds for someone who weighs nearly 300 pounds.

Height and width

The neck and back should be well-supported by your chosen piece. As a result, the next factor to examine is the chair’s height.

A chair that could be customized to a high position to allow you to spread the legs and avoid cramping is ideal for tall people. On the other hand, if you are shorter, you should choose a chair that allows your feet to touch the ground quickly.

The width of chairs is another crucial point to appease. Before deciding on an office chair, ensure it is broad enough to accommodate you to sit comfortably in any posture.

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A chair must be readily convertible in various ways, just like many other ergonomic seating alternatives.

Ensuring that the seat pan, back height, and arms are customizable is crucial. However, many obese workers rely on the chair’s arms for assistance while getting up or sitting down.

Getting a chair that features breathable material with high-grade foam is vital.

Lumbar support

Lumbar support can help relieve your lower back pain, whether sitting or lying down. Lumbar support is necessary even if sitting for long periods causes back issues.

An excellent feature of the best office chair for a big and tall person is customizable lumbar support which can be placed precisely where your back requires assistance.

With your head, spine, and butt in one straight line, you can tell if the chair provides adequate lumbar support by sitting back against the back support.

Build quality

Your chair will endure longer if it has a sturdy structure. A fragile base will make it difficult to sit comfortably.

The fabric and cushioning must be long-lasting but gentle to the touch to withstand increasing pressure. Overweight professionals should seek out the best office chair for an obese person.


For overweight people, this is a critical feature of an office chair. Getting from one place to another without relocating the chair is a huge convenience.

The ability to swivel 360 degrees allows a fat person to multitask by addressing different directions, preventing them from overextending their arms to grasp various items. This is how it helps alleviate arm fatigue.

3 Types Of heavy people office chairs

Heavy-duty office chairs are available in a variety of styles and materials. It is much easier to choose the right type if you understand the differences between the various forms.

Standard or executive

Best Office Chairs For Heavy People

When it comes to comparing standard and executive office chairs, they have a lot of differences. Executive chair height and ergonomic design differ from standard office chair heights and designs.

The standard chair is just an office chair that can only be adjusted for height. They also lack the reclining capability, lumbar support, or aesthetics of the other types of chairs.

However, executive chairs are often top-quality and long-lasting than conventional office chairs, making them more attractive and comfortable. Additionally, they have wider backrests so that the user can feel at ease while sitting down.

Even though they may have footrests or ottomans, these seats are a step up from the average office chair.

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Straight-backed or reclining

People with mobility issues or severe back pain may find sitting in chairs with straight backs more pleasant.

Conversely, if you need to take a seat now and then and prefer something easy to get out of, a recliner may be right!

While reclining chairs are more costly than chairs with a straight back, they offer the convenience of sitting and standing up at the touch of a button when desired.

Your back will thank you for this, and you will be able to maintain a healthy posture while having a recline option!


This chair may expect customizable height, padded armrests, and lumbar support for your back and neck. There is not much effort involved in moving these chairs, and it is easy to reach anything from any distance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there any weight limit for an office chair?

A basic chair can accommodate up to 300 pounds. Some overweight employees may require a heavier office chair than this one.

Is it reasonable to sit on soft ground or a solid one?

Usually, cushy seats are more likely to aggravate poor etiquette as they lack proper support. But hard seats are healthier in the long term.

The value of great posture and a painless back outweighs the short-period benefits of a comfortable chair.

How do you clean your office chairs?

A light detergent and a moist cloth are needed to clean office chairs. Before cleaning your desk chair, check the company’s directions to avoid the hassle.

Is there a difference between gaming chairs and regular office chairs?

A gaming chair differs from a standard office chair in a few ways. Ergonomic support is incorporated into gaming seats. However, comfort is typically prioritized, as would be anticipated of a product intended to facilitate recreational activities.

The office chair focuses more on rigid ergonomic assistance than comfort in productivity.

What are the advantages of using ergonomic office chairs?

For overweight persons, ergonomic office chairs offer many advantages.
Over time, proper posture minimizes lower back strain and discomfort. Reduced health hazards from prolonged sitting can be achieved using a chair that provides adequate support, movement, and comfort.

Last but not the list

In addition to improving your overall health, a heavy-duty office chair boosts your productivity at work. The best chairs feature strong back support with customizable armrests, height, and width to ensure a comfortable experience.

Thankfully, there are a variety of office chairs on the market, each with its unique style and functionality. Some have reclining capabilities, while some have lumbar massages. Some even have breathable mesh fabric. It is entirely up to you which one you would prefer.

Here are our top picks for the best office chairs for heavy people to help you make an informed purchase. Make sure to check out the weight capacity of your desk chair to minimize discomfort. Have a wonderful day at work!

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