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11 Incredible Kids Indoor Playhouse Ideas

You probably have a lot of toys for your kids at home, but your angel keeps messing up the house with toys. To make your house more lively and less messy a fun indoor playhouse can be a solution. 

The kids would love to have a playhouse to fantasize about their toys as well. To make a fun indoor playhouse, you can use materials that are available at home. In this article, we will share ideas for making kids’ indoor playhouses. Let’s dive in and apply them to your home.   

Take an overview of all the playhouses-

11 Amazing Ideas for Diy Indoor Playhouse

You may be reading this article either for surprising your children or want to make a separate place for kids’ toys and playing. Well, both of the thinking are awesome and believe me, you will thank us later after seeing the advantages. 

1. Indoor play tent

Indoor Play Tent

You can make this indoor playhouse tent in no time! All you need is the wood and fabric of your choice. Drill holes of the right size at the edges of the long woods. And, put a pipe that fits in between the holes while shaping the angle of the tent as you like. 

For the bottom, connect the two sides with the pipes. Lastly, you can put the fabric on top of your DIY Play tent and your child is ready to start camping indoors with their favorite toys. The fun part is you don’t need to spend a lot of money. 

2. Harry Potter’s new home

If you have a child who loves Harry Potter, this indoor playhouse idea is perfect. For Harry Potter enthusiasts, this would be heaven for them and his second house after Surrey. This work can be done with wood under the empty staircase. This wooden indoor playhouse will be quite sturdy than others. 

You can cover the staircase with wood, polystyrene, or other ways you like. Be careful not to hurt yourself and maintain precaution!

3. Kid’s indoor playhouse under the bed 

Kids Indoor Playhouse Under the Bed

You can make a playhouse right under your child’s bunk bed. You can use the free space under the bed for the playhouse using precaution. You can drill wood and cut windows and a door. Now, paint the wood and decorate the playhouse. Also, you can cover it up with fabric or paint old cardboard.

4. Overbed indoor playhouse

You can make a playhouse from wood like the first play tent. It can be placed in your child’s bedroom. He/She can have fun as long as he/she wants until they get tired. You can connect the woods by drilling and hammering the nails to connect the woods to form your desired shape. Be careful and don’t hurt yourself during the process. 

Moreover, if you paint the woods and add fairy lights, the whole outlook will be stunning without any doubt. Some might prefer cutting papers or colorful styrene sheets into different shapes and sticking them onto the wood.

5. Empty space playhouse

That very corner in a house looks like it is capable of having a closet or a piece of furniture. Does it always need to have furniture when you can make a separate space for your child to play? You can use that damaged or leftover furniture as great equipment for making the indoor playhouse. 

If you haven’t, use cardboard or wood as an alternative to cement for the wall. A strong lengthy wooden box can help you to make the imaginary second floor. The ladder can be made out of wood or you can get such ladders from the store as well. To build this playhouse you must have some space in the corner or in a room where you don’t use to stay so long. 

6. Fantasy castle indoor playhouse

All little girls love to pretend to be a princess. They would dance like they were in a ballroom with their prince. It is time for you to make a girl indoor playhouse. 

Long cardboard or polystyrene sheets can be used in this playhouse. You can make it more crafty, artistic, and stronger by using wood. For an actual castle look, colorful styrene sheets can give a wonderful vibe. You cut them into various shapes and set them by using glue.

Fantasy Castle kid Indoor Playhouse

7. Bunk bed indoor playhouse

You can transform a bunk bed into a fun playroom. Cover the first bed with some durable fabrics on top and keep opening to enter. Now, drill some wood together to form a shape to your desired shape, and glue some cardboard for the second floor.

8. Pet house-style indoor playhouse 

Is your child a pet lover? You can make a playhouse that can look like your pet’s house. Make a large pet playhouse by using polystyrene foam or cardboard. Connect the cardboard with glue to create a box shape. Cut a door for the entry. If you want to make a slanted roof, make a triangle shape with cardboard. 

Nextly cut many cardboards into square shapes. Then glue them on top of your roof. You can spray paint or color before sticking them.

9. Vintage-style playhouse

In every house, there is always an awkward space in a corner that is dark or never noticed. In that place, you can build this playhouse. The old vintage-style playhouse would look exciting and fun for your kiddos. 

You will need wood to create a vintage house shape by just putting them on the wall with a nail or drilling them. Lastly, You can decorate it like an actual vintage by putting a large piece of wood with writings of your choice.

10. Hula hoop play tent

Hula Hoop Play Tent
Small hula hoop tent made of books and fabric

Does your child love camping? Do they fantasize about going to a camp? Well, your child can camp for as long as he/she wants at home. All you need is a rope, a big enough hula hoop, a suitable place in your house, a big hook, and a long curtain. 

Pick a spot where your child loves playing. Set up a big hook with caution, drill it into the wall, and secure it. Take your hula hoop and stitch it with the curtain. With a rope tie it through the metal holes and you should have a circle about the size of your hula hoop with a large opening. After that take another rope and tie it around your hook. And you are done making a hula hoop play tent!

11. Closet playhouse

Closet playhouse
Closet Playhouse

Do you have an empty closet that you don’t need? Or the closet is too old? You can remove the metal rod and find a space and turn that boring spot into a fun playhouse as well. 

If the space seems too small, you can add it by keeping the closet door open and using something to keep it still. Plus, attach some cardboard or Fabric as a roof. As it has a little height, make it up by putting unused yet fluffy cloth. Be sure to stay alert so that your child does not get stuck in the playhouse!

How to Maintain Your Indoor Playground House? (Exploring 4 Strategies)

Your kid’s beautiful playhouse would look more stunning with regular maintenance, so it’s crucial to do regular cleanups. Even female ants clean their broods’ living areas!

i) Regular cleaning

To maintain the aesthetic appeal and hygiene standards of an indoor playground, a consistent cleaning routine is crucial. This involves dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, and disinfecting all play equipment and surfaces, paying special attention to high-contact areas like handrails and seating. Using kid-friendly, non-toxic cleaning agents ensures safety, whilst promoting a healthy environment for children.

ii) Routine inspection

Schedule regular safety checks to detect potential hazards. Examine all equipment for sharp edges, loose components, and wear and tear that may pose a safety risk. Ensure the flooring, especially under high-impact areas, is intact and free of tripping hazards. Timely inspections can prevent accidents and costly repairs.

iii) Equipment maintenance

Any equipment, irrespective of its quality, requires regular maintenance. This includes tightening loose bolts, replacing worn-out parts, and ensuring proper lubrication of mechanical components. Regular checks for signs of rust or corrosion on metal parts are also necessary. This step ensures the longevity of equipment and the safety of children.

iv) Indoor air quality

Maintaining good indoor air quality is vital for the comfort and health of children and staff. Regularly inspect and clean the air conditioning and ventilation systems, ensuring they’re free from dust, mold, and other allergens. Consider air purifiers if necessary. Ventilation improvements can enhance the overall experience of your playground.

FAQs on Indoor playhouse

Could you estimate the total cost to make an Indoor playhouse?

Yes, for a prefabricated wooden playhouse, it would cost around $1000 to $ 5000. For custom-built playhouses, the expense could start from $3000 and higher.

What sort of children’s toys is suitable to put in a playhouse?

Child playing with toys

All toys are suitable for a playhouse, as long as it does not occupy too much space to play. However, take some precautions for some toys, like slimes based toys that can make the playhouse messy.

How can I make the playhouse look more appealing to children?

Painting or adding some fairy lights would make the playhouse look more stunning! Why not hide Christmas presents in your playhouse to surprise your children during Christmas? It’s a great idea that will not just enhance the beauty of your child’s playhouse decorations, but also make them super

Which part of the house is better to build a playhouse in?

Making the playhouse in your child’s room or an empty room where no one usually goes in would be great. You can consider building a playhouse in your backyard or the balcony as well.

Can an indoor playhouse be outdoor-friendly as well?

Considering the material, it may or may not be outdoor-friendly. As per my experience, playhouses that are made of plastic are more outdoor-friendly compared to wood as you can transfer it indoors during bad weather. If your indoor playhouse is easy to assemble then you can use it outdoors as well.

However, in the case of plastic, it might get damp or be full of Algae. So you have to take better care. For wood, It might be damaged or get fungus when the weather is bad or if the weather is very humid.

How to make an indoor play tent?

You can make this tent in no time! All you need is the wood and fabric of your choice. Drill holes of the right size at the edges of the long woods and put a pipe that fits in between the holes while shaping the angle of the tent as you like. For the bottom, connect the two sides with the pipes. Lastly, put the fabric on top of your DIY Play tent.

If you aren’t into drilling you place a giant umbrella on the floor and place a large cloth over the umbrella. It might not look much but it does sort of look like a tent. I got this idea when I went out for a picnic and saw some children build their tents this way. It was very clever and easy to assemble.

Summing Up

Not all playhouses have the same architecture. Therefore, it may be difficult to give measurements accordingly but you can find the right fun spot for your child! Making an indoor playhouse for toddlers is not that tough. 

Just pick their choice and build it with whatever you have. Please be careful while working with nails. If you don’t hit it perfectly, the nail can hurt your baby. 

I hope these ideas for kids’ indoor playhouses will help you. Have a nice day and thank you for reading.

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