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65 Inch TV Stand Buying Guide By An Interior Designer

If you are a room designing perfectionist like me, then you cannot pick any TV stand for your 65-inch Television. You must be choosy for buying this type of furniture as it will be in your living room or in the hall room.

Your 65 inch TV stand should match the wall, floor, and other furniture of that particular place. 

As an interior designer for the last 7.5 years, I know that the outlook of your apartment doesn’t depend on your expense. It relies on your furniture choice and arrangement in the right place. 

In this article, I would like to inform you what features you should inspect while buying a 65 inch TV stand. I can bet you this article will save you money and time. 

So, let’s move forward to discover the guidance. 

Buying Tips for 65 Inch TV stand

You may have millions of dollars though you should study properly before purchasing a TV stand. Most of the time people don’t feel any concern while buying this furniture. But they may don’t know, it will be the focal point of the room. If you have game systems, then the buying process should be more tricky. 

Sizes of TV stand

Do you know the exact measurements of your Television? If not then find it with a measuring tape. Always remember that the TV stand should be wider than the TV. It’s because your TV will be safe. You may now ask me, what size TV stand for 65 inch TV? Here, I am suggesting a perfect chart of TV stands size according to your TV.   

  • Under 32 inch – 28 inches
  • 32-39 inch – 30-45 inches
  • 50-59 inch – 46-53 inches
  • 60-69 inch – 54-62 inches
  • 70 inches or more – Above 63 inches (Baby make a table for it)

Please remark that the size of the TV screen frame varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. The above plan is made simply as a general reference and it’s not a strict guideline. And, don’t forget to test the sound when arranging TV, TV stands and additional heavy furniture!

Still, I was talking about the width but for a better view, you should focus on the height also. Well, for measuring the height I need to know the seating position and sofa or couch measurement. 

If you don’t feel comfortable while watching TV or playing games on the monitor, you can buy a gaming sofa. It is comfortable for both TV and game enjoyment. 

Materials of TV stand 65 inch

Materials of TV Stand 65 Inch

Generally, TV stands are made of wood and metal. The wood TV stand attaches a traditional look and rustic style in your room. On the other hand, metal stands are most likely for modern fashion. And, people prefer to purchase metal furniture as it is lighter than wood and doesn’t need any maintenance. 

If you want to get lots of options to pick one of the best 65 inch TV stand then wood can be your stablest buddy. There are maple, mahogany, cherry, oak, and more varieties of wood TV stands for you.   

In a metal TV stand, you will have a powder or chrome finish to improve its appearance. 

Types of TV stand design

The type of TV stand depends on your use purposes. Here, I will discuss the types and uses of TV stands for your better understanding.

Entertainment center 

An entertainment center is not just a piece of furniture it works more than a TV stand. It is much spacious for keeping other entertainment elements, accessories, or media like CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays. 

The Entertainment center is a little bit pricey than the stand. I think you can spend some more money if you need the extra features. Besides that, it will be the focal point of your room.

AV component shelf

The innovator of the AV shelf was definitely very smart. It is ideal for keeping different AV elements, easy to install and you can effortlessly move it where you require. Isn’t it fascinating as your living room furniture? 

To assemble it, you need to just mount the steel wall plate in the aspired place, combine the shelves, and move on the plastic cover plate.

Projector mounts

Projector Mounts

If you have a projector, then you may need to use project mounts. Projector ceiling mounts contribute full-motion arrangements which are made to join projectors. There is a huge range of projector mounts that extend a full function and flush-fitting features for a great home theater with your friends and family. 

Corner TV stand

As it is a corner stand, it has to fit in the corner of the room. Thus, it is smaller and manufactured with a triangular edge. 

TV hutches 

It has an enclosed place for Television. Besides, there is some space to keep your video game equipment, CDs, DVDs, or even some books and magazines. After closing the door of the Hutches it becomes less of a focus in the room.

Colors of your 65 inch TV stand

If you are a traditional wood furniture lover then you can go for brown or chocolate wood shade. Actually, these shades match well with other instruments of the house. On the other side, they are mostly used in wood color.

Don’t worry! You can pick the black color which is easy to find in wood and metal TV stands as well. This color is well fitted for contemporary-style homes. 

If you go with white, maybe then you have no kids or pets like me. In some cases, white TV stands are more costly than the other color for oil-based paint. This color coat is scratch, water, and pen-mark proof. You can try it with some extra dollars. 

Usability of your television set

Everyone’s usability on TV is dissimilar as different people have different purposes. Some use the lounge to watch old movies sitting on the couch. While some use it as a gaming monitor to play video games with a bunch of friends. 

The use of a television set shortly how you and your household use a television set should directly influence your decision of choosing a TV stand.

Before adding it to the cart ensure that the 65 inch TV stand has ample space to hide the wires. 

Fitting for the right room

65 Inch TV Stand

Besides knowing the size of the television you must estimate the room size. Most of the TV fits well in any room but the furniture for the TV doesn’t match every room. 

Always remember to purchase 2-inch bigger TV stands than the television. This will help the stand to look good. 

For your bedroom, you should pick the small one and adjust to space from where you can watch the screen widely. The TV shouldn’t be near the bed.  

For the living room try to take the TV Hutches or Projector Mounts. You can use both of them for movie watching and playing games. 

Additional features with the TV stand

If you need shelves, extra drawers, or glass doors (to display trophies or any showpiece) you have to investigate while searching for the right stand. 

If it’s possible to fit the whole media library on the TV stand’s media center, then it will be an awesome bonus for you. 

Adjustable shelves are suitable if you want to keep different sizes of things like photo frames or books.

TV stands with glass doors and drawers are super flexible if you prefer to hide your essential staff like a gaming console. 

Some entertainment center-style TV stands come with a wide variety of lighting choices. The alternatives can be from regular light bulbs to decorative LED lights. Even some luxurious model sets the TV stand beyond an artificial fireplace.

Other standard specialties include:

  • Foot stabilizers to maintain the TV stand-level 
  • An infra-red friendly glass that does not block remote control signals 

Tips from TV stand experts

The distance of TV viewing is double the screen size. For instance, if anyone has a 65 inch TV then the TV stand should be fit at least 113 inches from the viewing zone.

Wide TV stands

Wide TV Stands

These stands featured sleek built-in drawers, shelves, and extra compartments. The large TV stand appeals to a stunning way to display your style. Besides that, it hides wires and cords which are supporting your TV.

  • Common Sizes: 74″, 76″ and 85″
  • Well-Fit: The living room
  • Types: Media Consoles, Entertainment centers, TV Hutches, and TV Consoles

Medium TV stands

This size is perfect for any room. It gives just the perfect amount of area and storage capability. It elevates the height and style of the TV effortlessly. The size of your space doesn’t interrupt it.

  • Common Sizes: 64” and 70″
  • Well-Fit: The living or bedroom
  • Types: TV Consoles, AV Component Shelf, and TV Credenzas

Small TV stands

Small stands give strong support. It provides a sleek style and compact design. Plus, it is easier to heighten the TV without taking much space.

  • Common sizes: 42″, 54″ and 60″
  • Best for The bedroom
  • Types: TV Consoles, Corner TV Stand, and TV Credenzas

Final touch on 65 inch TV stand

So, how was the journey of this article? In the whole article, I try to cover all the possible points and queries about the 65-inch TV stand. Actually, the buying guide for TV stands is crucial as you are spending a sound amount of money. 

Well, you can share your point of view regarding this type of TV stand. I would be very glad to talk with you in the comment section. 

Apart from all this, try to follow my tips and tricks while buying a large TV stand. I know you will win the deal easily. 

Have a great time with your family!

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